How Long to Mine an Obsidian Tower in The End?

Skip the Tutorial
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  3. You know, that obsidian pillars are not always of the same size, do you?

  4. If this comment gets 100 likes ill make a video worshipping the creator of this video

  5. I wonder…
    Do the obsidian towers rebuild themselves if you resummon the Ender Dragon? Or does it only leave you with a floating bedrock block with an end crystal on it?

  6. What does a Minecraft youtuber (only related by content) have in comon with game's chanel (news to it's fanbase)

    Minecraft youtuber ≠ Fronite in any way

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  10. There's no way those killers have 4,000 blocks

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  13. Minecraft and fortnite are both good games

  14. Repair? Just enchant your Netherite Pickaxe with Unbreaking III duh, the durability last longer than 4000 blocks.

  15. What is the command to get 372727 lvl od enchant?

  16. A single unbreaking 3 pick could easily mine 4049 blocks without needing a repair. How in the world did he not consider this?

  17. It’s so sad that this guy died he was the greatest😢

  18. Has any one heard he died of cancer I’m still mourning him

  19. By the way, you can ignore repairing/swapping pickaxes by just having 2 unbreaking 3 pickaxes in your hotbar, so you can just switch them quickly since each netherite pick has 1.5k durability and unbreaking 3 is kinda op (not sure the exact chance to negate durability damage)

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