How I went on a big Adventure in the new GTA Online DLC.. (The Contract Update)

Sonny Evans
Welcome to this new adventure showing the wacky story of my GTA Online character, Franklin Clinton and Dr. Dre as we try to uncover the secret of what happened to Dre’s phone. The new ”The Contract” DLC in GTA Online is actually really fun. There’s a host of new vehicles, weapons and a new story.

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About Sonny Evans:

Home of original gaming content. I make original content, funny moments and do challenges in a wide variety of games. My home is Los Santos in the glorious mess that is called Los Santos. I also like myself a quick sprunk stop.


This new GTA Online update is actually really good (The Contract DLC)


Sonny Evans


  1. I love the epic clappage of cheeks! Wonderful work, Sonny!

  2. I had used a mod menu like half a year ago, just for fun, no malicious purposes. In it I had found an option to set the bullet impact type. I had set my pistol to create an emp mine explosion wherever I'd shoot and used it against police and m2 griefers. It was a lot of fun unlike this piece of crap.

  3. I love this DLC from the missions for Dre to the short trip missions where you literally get to play as Franklin and Lamar it's a really fun update

  4. I love the new cars mk2 griefers don't know what to do when they see the new cars they get down right next to you and usually blow themselves up or you sticky bomb them.

  5. Bro why the fuck does your character look like that.

  6. U forgot one important key thing. At the end of the mission we drove Dr. Dre from the airport to a helicopter…it makes 0 sense because he could’ve taken the helicopter AT THE AIRPORT.

  7. Damn I never knew you were so good at PVP. Love the video man, so glad to have you back in my life. I love you.

  8. 2 rounds of walking full map with quick sprunk stop
    And killing griefers with EMP gun

  9. AND JUST LIKE THAT Sonny download new video

  10. Soo, this just means gta online doesn’t take place before the story mode, like people say.

  11. I knew you would be heated about the drink machine 🤣

  12. I feel like rockstar literally removed sprunk in the office to anger Sony

  13. Tryhards don't get the picture
    When you piss off the president of the sprunk corp…
    Green vengeance will become you.
    Sprunkish hellfire

  14. Sonny and the d.r.e?
    Stick icky icky…oooh wee
    Too much green

  15. OMG! You killed that jet griefer! 😂😂😂 I laughed so hard. The music was on point!!

  16. Completed all the contracts. Only bought the agency. No armory or new cars. Rockstar isn't going to scam me out of my hard earned money that I stole from Cayo Perico.

  17. Just a friendly reminder that Sprunk owns e-Cola. No need to destroy your business, speaking of.

  18. please never say mighty amogus sussy ever again

  19. Doctor Dre has found a way to bring John Cage’s 4:20 (and no, this ain’t a weed ref. It predates the four twenty phenomenon by quite a few years)to the masses

  20. I discovered you yesterday evening and i can't sto watching your videos (I never subscribed so fast)

  21. Hey sonny i rece3tried a challenge were me and my friend tried to drive around the map in trucks check out the vid i wanna see u try this challenge and many others

  22. Can you drive across the map in a golf cart?

  23. 8:40 your doing the lords work, I used to release the clappage from time to time too

  24. damn… dude got clapped!!! lol Never Ever does one SIMPLY challenge the Great Sonny Evens and lives to tell the story lol.

    and yes Ellon Musk got nothing on a GTA Online Character lol

  25. the only use for the emp launcher is to emp a tank if someone trys to take you out of godmode on console

  26. Ok, that part where you would have hired Take–Two got me.

  27. i know youre busy doing rl but im really missing yor content and the clappage of cheeks . so in closing i say please come back .

  28. To be honest if you hire Take Two to solve lost phone problem.
    It will still end up someone beaten by golf clubs and fire fight inside FBI'S building.

  29. What about the new sprunk mobile in the thumbnail

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