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Join the magical world of Etria and get ready for an amazing adventure!
Train and ride your horses through poetic lands to solve mysteries and help the Ancients find their Millennial Horses.
The Ancients need you! The Millennial Horses have disappeared and only you can bring them back, and restore balance and peace in Etria.


  1. i like the thing how ubisoft makes game on different ideas… their spread is perfect,

  2. I wish they would return the game, it was so fun to play! Seriously one of the best horse games on mobile!!!

  3. It will not let me download. What to do? Is it forbidden to play? Please answer !!!!!! 😭😭😭😭

  4. I loved this game until my i-pad died and now i have my phone and now it is nowhere to be found anymore I am so sad cause i really loved this game so where is the game now cause i cant find it anywher e!

  5. Please return the game plz i beg you to return it plz i playid this game before and now i dont see it anymore PLZ!!!!!

  6. Poderiam voltar com o jogo, queria jogar ele 😭😭😭😭 pfvr

  7. Can someone please tell me why they deleted the game? I played it on my iPad, and it was amazing – and then I deleted it off the iPad because it took up so much storage. But now, I just can’t download it on my iPhone 6s (which is fully updated up to iOS 12.3?)

  8. Por favor voltem com esse jogo 😭 sinto falta quero jogar de novo

  9. Porque ya no esta en la play store :c era el mejor juego para (me)😪

  10. Please return the game i have played the game since it came out i miss it so i wish it comes again 💔I miss the pretty game 💔💔😭😭😭

  11. I loved this game and played it all the time on my old phone, where did this game go? I miss it 🙁

  12. i wonder why it was taken out of the app stores…

  13. It says that it’s not available in my region

    It’s sad because it looks like a great game!

  14. I’ve been looking for this game I had no idea where it went. I miss it so much. please return it!!

  15. Extraño este juego… ¿¿Alguien sabe si existe todavia??

  16. why was this game deleted? I enjoyed playing it. I tried to get friends to play but they don't like trying new things.

  17. If yes please send the link in description box

  18. ⚠️Please return this game⚠️
    ⚠️Please return this game⚠️
    ⚠️Please return this game⚠️
    ⚠️Please return this game⚠️
    ⚠️Please return this game⚠️
    ⚠️Please return this game⚠️

  19. I loved this game and still. one day I deleted it and now I installed it but it tells me that no connection was detected. I am really sad they deleted it

  20. I would love to play this game again, it was so much fun and the storyline was so good

  21. I'm just crying a bit now, this was a part of my childhood that helped me though getting bullied in school and my first suicide attempt. now that the game is gone itself and I realize it, idk man it just makes me feel more depressed then I already am.

  22. Why was this game removed? I was so confused I only just started to really enjoy it making it to the canyon area and then one day everything was free and then POOF gone everywhere. Can’t believe it had a 2.5/5 stars. It was super fun!! Hopefully they return it.

  23. Please return this game! It was amazing 🥺

  24. Верните игру, пожалуйста. Не делайте никаких усилий, обновлений, просто верните. Разве мы так много просим?🥺

  25. Please, please!! Return this game , we don't care if it won't have updates, all we want is the game back!! Please!!!! I have a lot of good memories with this game, it was part of my childhood, I spent hours and hours playing this beautiful game and I really enjoyed that , it was and still my favourite game , I'll never see a better game than this, please return the game back! I now a lot of people agrees with me . I hope one day you return back this game.
    – Tara <3

  26. Even now, after 5 years i still wait for the game to return. I remember how much i enjoy the game as a kid and i miss it so much. All i can do is to watch YouTube videos and playtrough. I say to sign a petition and tell Ubisoft we want the game back, without any visual updates or any changes, just the games how it was! I'll even purchase it if the game returns on the Play Store and it's cost money 🙂

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