Honest Game Trailers | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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Trailers that tell you the TRUTH about your favorite video games: this week is The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

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Honest Game Trailers | The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Written by Bailey Meyers, Max Song, Andrew Bird, Fin Carew, and Spencer Gilbert
Edited by Max Song
Produced by: Bailey Meyers & Max Song
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Content Manager: Mikołaj Kossakowski
Post-Production Specialist: Rebecca Castaneda
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne

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  1. Please say “The Candy man Can ‘Cause He Mixes It With Love And Makes The World Taste Good”

  2. I just want to pick up Tulin and hug him, he looks so god damn adorable

  3. Say the classic quote "I have come to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I'm all out of bubblegum." Please and thank you.

  4. why say "sorry princess" when you can say "well excuuuuuuuuuuse me princeeeeeess"

  5. The fact that Sidon and Link have seemingly more chemistry than Zelda and Link… love it.

  6. Please do Miasma Chronicles, the super politically charged game ever. They are not even hiding their Politics. Hot damn!

  7. Nah there is no way they didnt make any warcrime/genova checklist joke

  8. Please make an honest trailer of God Hand next. More people should know about it

  9. Please do a reaction of Sleeping Dogs

  10. Immortals: Fenyx Rising was actually a very solid copycat.

  11. Can confirm about getting sidetracked. I got Tulin early on and since then I’ve been meandering around doing other stuff. I’ve almost forgotten about the main quest. Been too busy handing out mushrooms and getting a cool hat or helping that idiot put up signs, and trying to activate every shrine butt I see.

  12. Please speak simlish from the sims in your epic voice

  13. Amazing game and story line. However so overcomplicated battle processes. Older gamer…..😂

  14. Why am i not getting any sound from this. All your other vids seem ok😢

  15. I hate the avatars of the champions. They look cool in a fight, but other than that, Tulin is the only really useful. The Goron can dig, but sometimes he cannot be summoned when you need it, or can't aim higher places. And even in a fight they aren't that cool. The goron needs to be aimed, and during a battle, that's not even posible. The dessert girl is really violent, she is always in the middle of the meele, and you have to go and look for her to actually activate her. And the, run away to shot. Too much work when you can actually just shot an electric arrow instead. And Sidon… I still don't know what he is supossed to do.
    I just used them to distract the horde.

  16. Yona is Sidon's political marriage friend, who fully supports his love with Link, and I am HERE FOR IT.

  17. No comment on the fact that you have to watch the same cutscene four times when you finish a temple so you can see another faceless sage accept the mantle of 'help lunk'? It's a great game but they really phoned that bit in 😀 And routing the sage abilities to 'locate them and press A twice' was not great when you spam A to pick up items 😀

  18. I like how link builds himself a new house moves as soon as zelda leaves lol. Why nintendo?

  19. She said "ready for the foam star party?" And she pops a bubble

  20. The difference from Nuts and Bolts is that Hyrule was already gigantic in Breath of the Wild and the Master Cycle Zero went over well, so having vehicles felt like a natural evolution rather than "let's deliberately change the entire gameplay because we made it too big". They're usually optional or have puzzles centered around them, and both the comedy and gamebreaking factors are sky-high (Z-2997, I think, that's the altitude of the highest island above Lookout Landing). Puzzling out the intended solution in shrines is also a good exercise (that rollercoaster one with two rails becoming one was a nice brainstretcher).

    Telekinesis and glue: one unexpected combination that is too much fun. I still miss infinite bombs, but Yunobo's a decent replacement.

  21. Another great job, Hyrule 4ever. Please do Diablo 4 👿

  22. Oh my god..


  23. Wish he titled it "Legend of zelda; Modern warfare"
    Then cuts to a video of someone decimating a Bokoblin base with a attack chopper while laughing maniacally. 😳😆😎

  24. "The only valuable member of our team" YES ! DAMN YES ! Finally someone said it ! Everyone else is pretty useless (yes i am looking at you birdie… miss Revli so much)

  25. Fantastic as always!
    Can you do MOBA’s at some point? Would love to see Dota2 on one of this videos!

  26. Please say: "Well done!
    Your ability to walk short distances without dying
    will be Handsome Jack's downfall!"

  27. Okay Ganondilf is his new name and no one can convince me otherwise

  28. Personally I think this game is way overrated. I don't care for the new abilities. I'm not a creative builder and i only use that ability during moments that are necessary.

    I really wish the weapons didn't break so damn easily. Yes, you can fuse your blades with other weapons to increase their durability, but they're still going to break at the end. This makes all the cosmetic weapons you find pointless. Not only do they not have any unique abilities, they are just as fragile as the rest of the weapons. And the master sword is no different. Once it runs out of power you have to wait for it to recharge. I would rather have a sword that deals a base damage of 12, doesn't break, and can be upgraded. Or how about the master dealing a base damage of 30, never breaks, and only unleash it's full power during boss fights. Furthermore, the fuse mechanic is annoying when it comes to arrows. You first have to collect the items, then draw your bow, then press and hold the item button, the find the item you want to fuse with your arrow, then reals the item button, wait for the fuse to complete, then you can fire away. And you have to repeat this over and over, and make sure you have the items. Compare that to BOTW, OOT, MM, and TP. Select the arrow you want, then fire away until you run out of magic, arrows, or the enemy dies. Elden Ring had a far better crafting mechanic. Just get the materials and you can craft as many arrows and items as you can.

    The upward dive ability is good for getting out of caves and certain puzzles. The rewind ability is situational and I've rarely used it.

    Imagine the possibilities for all the tools from older installments. The pegasus boots to charge into enemies, knocking down the small ones. Hookshot for obvious reasons. The whip to stun enemies for a second and grab items off them. Water tunic and iron boots for under water exploration and possibly even combat. The goron and zora mask from MM. And so much more. Instead, we get abilities that are useful for minecraft builders, and situational for the rest of us.

    Collecting korok seeds and then Finding hetsu just to increase my storage is not just annoying, it's pointless padding. Gathering material to upgrade armor is tedious. I prefer the old method of getting heart containers instead of collecting orbs just to then trade them in for a heart or stamina.

    So far, based on how much I've played this game, it looks like Nintendo has retconned Skyward Sword. I don't recall any mention of zonai in that game. It also looks like the triforce is being forgotten or abandoned.

    My first temple/dungeon was the water sky temple. I am very underwhelmed by it. When I think of zelda dungeons I think of OOT, MM, TP, WW, SS. The layout, design, sounds, ambience, enemies, music, were amazing in those games. They filled you with dread and wonder. They were creepy and amazing. They drew you in and made you feel like you were in an actual dangerous place, that you were in over your head. TOTK sky water temple does none of that. It only lowers my expectations for the other temples.

    The English voice acting is okay. Music is good. Combat is just as good as it was in the previous game. I like the exploration. The story is okay. I am happy to see Ganondorf return and being the evil villain that he is. Sadly, this isn't enough to save the game from being average. In fact, I'm worried that the developers are running out of creativity.

    The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, gets a 6 out of 10.

  29. Way to come out swinging. Also, turdises might be one of my all time favourite jokes, it’s perfect

  30. Epic Voice forgot the fact that there is a statue of Link riding Sidon, but he is gonna marry someone else

  31. Ok, the voice guy has either consulted Twitter or a certain other site as research for this review… 😂

  32. Alternate title: "Legend of Zelda: Torture of the Koroks"

  33. Look, I don't ship Link and Sidon, but I think Sidon ships himself with Link. I was convinced he was going to call off the engagement until the last second. Yona seems very nice, though.

  34. The storyline contradicts BotW, let alone the greater timeline. Gameplay is awesome though.

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