Hogwarts Legacy: NEW Playthrough from the Start (RTX 4090)!


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  1. From what I've seen so far, it's Hogwarts: Fallen Order 😋

    1:45:40 Did Fig just referred to Az as "they"

    Also, belated happy birthday Mama Az🎂

  2. When will you start streaming again? I want a part 2!

  3. I had said it before I will say it again and continue to say it. You are a Gryffindor all day long and twice on everyday. It also doesn't shock me you received a phoenix feather. Your loyal fearless a leader and you are kind. Your anger is never about hatred its about watching people be littler then what they should be and it drive you crazy they can't see it.

  4. How dare you not make a body-positive, trans, gay, neuro-divergent, BIPOC character! You bigot! 😂👌

    Also, Happy Birthday to Mother Az!

  5. And when the pupils of Hogwarts graduate one day to be released into the world, they'll face the hard reality of student debt.
    Too bad, they can't make a living using magic in the world of the Muggles.

  6. I'm only so far in but does he leave that summary of what's currently happening on screen the whole time?

  7. looks like the game look at Az's computer and said, "hoshit"

  8. Lol 30 minutes in and thats how you start a game. That aint scotland its not raining here.

  9. The game is amazing but the frame rate is terrible with my RTX 2070 i think it is from the on screen character limit being on max

  10. "I can't wait to start classes", then there is another question about the house – 4. It is easy to be in Slitherin or other one.

  11. That ending oh my God AZ Hahahahahaha that's freedom of choice for you.

  12. Banning people from chat is kinda lame. Capslock isn't equivalent to shouting in someone's ear. Weirder still when there was probably an influx of new people who don't know your rules. You don't even have any chat rules in the description.

  13. After watching for 2 hours it seems that there's more cutscenes than actual gameplay

  14. It was a nice session of transphobia and bigotry let's repeat it. Also it was nice of AZ to rub every pussy he met.

  15. I laughed my head off in the three broomsticks!!
    A guy dressed as a female has bigger boobs than 98% of all the female characters.

  16. Odd question, but I just realized – I don't think any professors in Hogwarts have children… does anybody know a cannonical example (aside from maybe lupin, but that was after his tenure)

  17. After watching 1:00:00 for 5 mins AZ has not right to laugh at Gary when gaming :))

  18. Disappointed that on meeting the goblins you didn't say shalom.

  19. I’m one of the lucky few who have the game, yet it keeps crashing…(PS5)

  20. Hey AZ . I love you, but this is my opinion: I don't like the game, (Hogwarts).
    Please stream The Witcher 2. Love to your Mom !

  21. I didn't want spoilers so jumped to the end to see what Ax thinks, didn't get a straight answer but the fact that he was still playing and said he'll continue is enough of a recommendation xDD
    I'm a fan since childhood so was likely getting it anyway |D

  22. Lol… AZ, your character reminds me of the kid from "Bully"….

  23. Just an observation but why can you make yourself really dark skinned but you can't go really light skinned? My skin is much more pale than the lightest skin option they give you and I'm Asian, I just find it odd, like if you were making a ginger character wouldn't you need a actual white like paper option.

  24. Dude. I love you AZ. But you REALLY need to rebalance your HDR stuff and white blanaces. You're missing a shit ton of detail because of how dark your game is. You were outside in the middle of the day and it looked like I was wearing sunglasses.

  25. I tried to name my character "Black Hitler" and the game said it's not allowed, what the hell. 0/10

  26. "There's a guy inserting himself into a Buffalo," Said AZ with a deadpan stare.

  27. So, they made a game based in historic Britain

    But you can’t select a pale European skin tone

    Really is “modern day” 🙄

  28. "Can't get any lighter with skin color."
    No representation for albinos, eh?

  29. 27:02 Wait, I know that guy. Pugrish the Man-Eater! One of Sauron's most promising Captains. Until I drove a broken sword into his neck.

  30. This actually looks pretty cool I'm not much of a gamer comparisons I make Gary look good but I would give this a try in the future

  31. Any game where Az goes, “Holy S***!” In the first few seconds is a success already. Enjoy!

  32. The boycott was a good way to find people who play games for fun
    not for politics

  33. The game is amazing, but I can't believe they released the PC version in this state. Your performance is actually probably near the best I have seen so far but still experiencing pretty constant stutter in the Castle. I'm on a 13700K, 4090, and 32gb 6000mhz ram and have some crazy stuttering.

  34. woooooo happy birthday momma az best wow player ever man

  35. Hello everyone. I watched this whole stream and enjoyed every minute.
    Thanks Az.

    I'm pleased to be considered a bigot by society's most pathetic of evil monsters.

  36. I thought it wasn't released until the 10th. How is everyone playing it early?

  37. It fills my heart with such warmth to know that every copy goes to this Ages nobliest cause, unliving t's.

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