Hey Microsoft – We Want These Sierra Online Adventure Games

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With the inevitable acquisition of Activision, Microsoft will have access to the wonderful Sierra Online adventure game catalog and we are hoping that they decide to actually do something with them….unlike Activision. In this video Paul from the Classic Gamers Guild joins Joshua to rank the Sierra Online adventures that they want more of.
0:00 Intro
1:01 Laura Bow
2:40 Lighthouse
3:30 King’s Quest
5:30 Gold Rush
7:15 Pepper’s Adventures in Time
7:50 Space Quest
10:00 Codename Iceman
11:25 Heart of China
14:00 Quest for Glory
15:37 Torin’s Passage
18:58 Leisure Suit Larry
21:21 Mixed up Mother Goose
22:25 Dr. Brain
23:46 Eco Quest
24:53 Gabriel Knight
27:35 Conquest of the Longbow
29:14 Police Quest
30:42 Disney Games

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  1. I'd like to think well made Eco Quest games could really do well in today's "climate", certainly plenty of issues to cover, but maybe a little less laid back.I'd love for endless Conquests games to be made, so many epic mythologies to adapt! But even more Camelot games – I think we got the gist of Robin Hood, but there's so much more Arthurian stories to cover in that continuity.I think the Hero of Quest For Glory's story was told, and very hard to continue now due to the permutations, but I adore the world of Gloriana, and more games there with a new character would be heaven, and they could even incorporate the export files from the last game to keep the choices in play.F yeah to Space Quest, the two guys promised us (at least) a twelve volume saga, and I'm still waiting.F yeah to Gabriel Knight! At least let Jane tie up that cliff hanger, but I've a feeling she really like to make a series as big as the Dresden Files. And let her keep novelizing them, I want to read book 3! No remakes though, they're all perfect as they are.Always room for more King's Quest, but it can give over being the flag ship to any of the above. 🙂

  2. Hey, we have some friends in here.

  3. There’s no way your streaming this right now, I was literally searching for a fmv point and click rankings list and couldn’t find a video

  4. Excellent video and I agree.. These corporations that acquire and sit on the Sierra license needs to actually DO SOMETHING WITH IT..

    Release some new Sierra games instead of simply holding onto a license for the sake of holding onto it..

    We've actually covered some of this on the "Pirates Of The Geek Vortex" podcast..

    Great video!

  5. Is Paul in a relationship? He sounds adorable

  6. Phil Spencer has already talked about King's Quest and Sierra when talking about the acquisition. It is definitely going to happen.

  7. Sierra was a big part of my childhood, I used to bring game manuals to school with me so I could re-read them at lunch time and look forward all day to the bus ride back home from school where I could play Roger WIlco for 3 hours straight until my parents came home from work lol I miss those days and the sound of the Sierra logo on my roland speakers with an adlib sound card.

  8. S-tier is something that came out of Japan where games would use it to rank either the quality of something or the player's success. S is generally understood to stand for 'super' or 'special'.

  9. פרנקופילים אנונימיים says:

    What about Manhunter? I think that it's an overlooked gem.

  10. S is on top because its part of the Japanese grading system

  11. S tier stems from shū for "Exemplary" (秀), and originates from the widespread use in Japanese culture of an 'S' grade for advertising and academic grading

  12. Why do you ask from Microsoft to develop Sierra's adventure games? Did Microsoft purchase Sierra? Is there anything that Microsoft didn't purchase yet?. What is Microsoft the next Electronic Arts, Who use to purchase all the smaller game developement companies? I think I miss something.

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