Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Let’s go on an adventure…


  1. You hit that Rogaine pretty hard hey? Or a hair transplant.

  2. "The Kubrick Stare" is one of director Stanley Kubrick's most recognizable directorial techniques. A method of shot composition where a character stares at the camera with a forward tilt, to convey to the audience that they are at the peak of their derangement

  3. Heh, hehe… Markiplier is surprisingly good at talking without moving his mouth. Just talking without moving his head. Just… slowly getting more and more sinister, smiling the whole time without moving his mouth… Repeating some things over and over… and then just… stopping… letting the music haunt you… then nothing… absolutely nothing… that's what forgiveness sounds like… screaming, and then silence…

    Wait, how does he not blink?

  4. i found this on an excel spreadsheet i left open… it was in big pink letters… command me

  5. I accidentally have found Darkiplier

  6. i used to be obsessed with this game when i was 10 and had no idea mark made a joke video on it 💀💀 the site is broke now so i cant even revisit it but its cool to see how the game used to look..

  7. Everyone is here from South Park, yet here I am, embracing the nostalgic essence of old Markiplier videos.

  8. Butters recommended this game to me

  9. Butters what the heck have you been playing 😨 I am terrified- (South Park reference)

  10. this video gave me psychotic hallucinations as a kid

  11. this is way better than world of warcraft

  12. I tought he would play the game but, instead of that, he wasted my time. Dislike.

  13. 🤓👉👈I don’t play wowc I play hkia 💅💅

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