GTA, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock? Celebs’ Favorite Adventure Games – Best Game Ever Ep. 4

Host Jimmy Wong, Smosh Games’ creators, and Future Man’s Josh Hutcherson share what their favorite action/adventure games are. GTA, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock…what’s your favorite?

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  1. Ayyy my boy Kirkman said Mario Galaxy
    And Dwight coming with the Tony Hawk Pro Skater. Sweet.
    Hutchinson said Overwatch lol. All great games tbh.

  2. Lmao the actors didn't know anything but GTA. Smh.

  3. what a great list. i remember the first time i met a big daddy it killed me instantly and then i hated the game and it didn’t play it for like 3 months and then came back to finish it and i was in love

  4. Some games I know will never make it:
    sheds tear for us lonely fans

  5. Skyrim, Witcher 3, Persona 4 Golden(reason I bought a Vita), Gta:SA, and Halo 3, not in that order and off the top of my head.

  6. The guy who said lego india jones 2!!! My man!! I bought that game for my little brother and remember thinking this game is actually really good shouldn’t just be seen for little kids, way underrated

  7. 1. Truxton
    2. Truxton
    3. Truxton
    4. Truxton

  8. The first Bioshock is the best game I've ever played.

  9. “What’s your favorite game ever?”


    Fuckin normies…

  10. Alan Michael Jackson 🅥irgin ©️ertified says:

    TW3, RDR, and TLOU

  11. Sounds like there are a lot of people are saying the last of us

    Anyone to disagree with The Last Of Us being the best game of all time… they would be wrong

  12. Bioshock bet action adventure game of all time

  13. Red dead redemption is the best western game ever

  14. roooooooooooooocccckkkkkksttarrrrrrrr gaaaaaaaaaaaaaames bioshock

  15. Id have to say Gta 5 because thats the first game I played and it is quite excellent the story is fantastic as well the style of multiplayer + its open world which is my favorite style

  16. Uncharted series ,arkham series and horizon zero dawn if i had to pick one uncharted 4

  17. The Last of Us was the best game I played besides The Legend of Zelda I am waiting for the second one now and to be completely honest that is the reason I bought a PS4.

  18. Zelda best, uncharted 2nd best, horizon zero Dawn 3rd

  19. i was lucky enough to play them all for the first time when the collection came out. When i was younger i got sick playing the N64 game Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and had a phobia of first person shooters. After i played RE7 with the VR headset i guess my phobia was just in my head. I have played all 3 Bioshocks at least 3 times a piece and they have to be my favorite games of all time liking Infinite the most the DLC for that game is really good. The first game is a very close second the replay value on these games is superb.

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