GTA Online Just Got A NEW Update…Cops N Crooks Summer 2022 DLC, Rockstar’s Expansion Plan & MORE!

GTA Online Just Got A NEW Update…Cops N Crooks Summer 2022 DLC, Rockstar’s Expansion Plan & MORE!
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – GTA Online Just Got A NEW Update…Cops N Crooks Summer 2022 DLC, Rockstar’s Expansion Plan & MORE!

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  1. oh come on fix the damn media room in penthouse 😂

  2. Watching LA’s Finest on Netflix got me a GTA Online vibe. Hopefully Rockstar does make an update with playable cops and other services.

  3. F that rockstar needa fix the radio & Spotify when you playing gta in the party

  4. Still trying with this old rumour

  5. How does this guy live happily knowing how shifty he is

  6. Or a map expansion like vice city or liberty city

  7. Rockstar also needs to fix people being able to grief cargo when you're trying to set up your businesses so like every time I would try starting up my meth lab my stuff will get destroyed

  8. Rockstar better release these DLC for ps4 as well cos if they don't they'll be in massive trouble 😤😢

  9. What ?? BLM and the political class say it was OK. They finally declared 2020 over. I rem them putting this on the back burner because of the political climate lol 😆 here is your dlc boys. Let's just dust this f er off a little 😂 PATHETIC ROCK DUMP TK2 !!!!

  10. I want like real life cars in gta it will make it so cool

  11. U need a job bro, your depending on gta to get u through life?.. Stop the cap Rockstar will inform us when they rdy Mr gta mascot ftw

  12. They need to let us get the noose outfits to that’s the only outfit you can’t get and that sucks

  13. How about Rockstar fixes the Off radar glitch on Red Dead ☠️

  14. Oh god mode was a thing! That's why this stalker I had wouldn't die. I emptied a machine gun into his face and he didn't die.

  15. GTA 6 will release on 20th December 2025 And Also GTA 7 Will Release After 15 Years

  16. yesterday i had a player shooting me throgh buildings he would disapier from map and show up behind me and kill me he was griefing several players he was still locking on players on foot with m2 opressor and watching him on map he was glitching opressor on map disaprier and reapear si it seems like people will find ways to hack the game and do nothing but grief other players reporting seems pointless he got 30 to 2 kills on me

  17. They need to put more hairstyles and clothes in the game.

  18. The cops and crooks part is already available on PC with GTA rp from what I seen modders made it cause there its seatbealts visits to hospitals and ambulance calls other players are both cops emt and gang members there's npc people but mostly players are in career with all listed in never played gta rp just seen u tube videos on it and it looks cool but I can see why rockstar moved away from cops and crooks

  19. if anyone is in bad sport lobbies on console theyll be happy they got rid of that godmode glich so jarring that you get killed by some nerd whos bad at the game but has godmode

  20. Lets pay mr boss for the bin a visite so we can kick his ass for false claims!!!.

  21. It's still all related to Celebrity Solutions Agency. Solving rich and famous problems one case/client at a time

  22. Mrbossfortheview at it again. Literally says the update was cancelled.

  23. I dont know about you guys but I really do hope that Rockstar integrates a map editor into gta online that's coupled with a mission creator that coincides with the Rockstar editor so it can give the ability for players to implement cut scenes into their missions, just imagine the impressive amount of user created content that can entertain you for hours on end while you wait for gta 6

  24. The clouds look like a map of Vice City with the keys and the Caribbean. I’m also very high.

  25. stop lying… your a joke 😂… how many times must you lie about this crap…. nobody believes anything you say because you have never posted anything that has actually happened….

  26. Man U ain’t tell us nothin that was super exciting 🤣

  27. Thought I got a Ross video from 2016 in my recommended lol never change man

  28. I really want a gym and a place to eat and maybe masions on gta online if is not to much to ask! Honestly Rockstar really dont care what i say but it would be nice to have that 🙂🙏🏻🤞🏻😁

  29. Gta vi gta vi gta 6 i need to ask for this or else it won't be made despite money would like totally flood in

  30. Is the summer update for everyone all just for ps5 and xbox series x all s

  31. Michael could be the next celebrity you need to help seeing as he is a producer, idk 🤷‍♂️

  32. а на российской ps 4 обновление будет

  33. Make it so we can use tow trucks and emergency vehicles and save them in garages and sell properties

  34. Haven’t these rumours been around for about 3 years?

  35. I did all Dr Dre contract missions & the payphone hits & still never got the invite to studio A. My awards still say incomplete for Dr. Dre's story missions smh

    THIS TUBER doesn’t seem to f*cking STOP making videos about a, “Cops and crooks” DLC.

    It will NEVER happen.

  37. C'mon dude u said that like 4 times already 😂😂😂😂

  38. Jesus christ give it a rest, you been going on for years saying that cops and crooks is coming, it's not gonna happen .

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