GTA 5 Online Indian Voice Takeover #7 – White Lightning Adventure! (GTA V Voice Trolling) (Part 1)

GTA 5 Online Indian Voice Takeover #7 – White Lightning Adventure! (GTA V Voice Trolling) (Part 1). GTA 5 Indian Voice Trolling in GTA 5 Online Public Lobbies!
GTA 5 Indian Voice Takeover Playlist:
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Indian #1:
Indian #2:
Indian #3:
Indian #4:
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  2. Hope you guys enjoy this video. Unfortunately I had to split this up into two parts.
    I had making long videos and so anything bigger than 7/8 minutes feels like a drag to me. Hope you understand what Im saying. Besides. This will make you even more pumped for Part 2 🙂
    Ill post it up soon! So stay tuned for that!!!

    As always, thanks for watching. Stay awesome!


  4. You Desevere way more followers wow great vid

  5. wow i laughed way to hard at this.. haha good job, i really enjoyed the whole vid 😛

  6. Awesome video!!! Do we indians really sound like that? Hahaha

  7. You spoil us with unique content. Keep it coming

  8. I wish we had a Rajesh around here! xD haha. Nice vid dude.

  9. PTesh you are amazing love these videos. Thanks for being so legit.

  10. the only thing wrong with these indian voice overs….there isn't enough of them  😀

  11. Hey guys, if you would be willing, I'd love to get some feedback on my channel. I'm not asking you to subscribe, just asking for a personal opinion on what I can do to better my content. If you'd rather not, then thank you for your time. If you do, thank you very much! 🙂 God Bless guys!  

  12. My name is PTesh I'm calling from Patelecom industries

  13. Fantastic video PTizzle! Can't wait to see what happens next!

  14. Isn't Rajesh the idiot camera guy from the bo2 video Indian trolling?

  15. ptesh i love the  indian voice videos you do man keep them coming 

  16. Hahaha Im Indian and I understood everything he said.

  17. hahahaha I love how us Ozzie's first thought is that your wacked of your head on drugs ! hahaha

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