Grand Mountain Adventure (Trailer)

Grand Mountain Adventure
Open world skiing & snowboarding adventure for mobile.

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  1. This game is absolutely beutiful and has a lot of potential. I’d love to see Multiplayer get implemented in the game and some more camera views

  2. When will multiplayer be added! I've been waiting since long for it

  3. Consider adding desert map. It would be cool :). And also it would be awesome if you add third pearson

  4. I just finished all the double diamond challenges in all the maps and now I’m constantly trying to improve my records again and again.
    I can’t wait for new maps and challenges and it would be perfect (I know it would be very difficult for you to achieve this, but I dream about it everyday) to add like a “creative” mod where you can create new maps or single challenges that could be uploaded and played by other player from all over the world (like Mario maker). That would be the last perfect touch for a game that I loved at first sight and I consider in the top 3 smartphone’s games.
    Keep it up!!!

  5. Cool eater egg idea: add Godzilla in the background when you use the telescope 😀

  6. Cool idea: create a multiplayer ski jumping tournament 🙂

  7. You should add a map with a ramps and a avalanche that breaks trees,That you need to dodge

  8. Nice graphics, let me make some content for this even im small youtuber ❤️

  9. I really love the game, but I am curios why did you decide to choose this type of music?

  10. I love this game but I'm begging you please make another park only section. Something like you would see at Bear mountain. Like a park only map. I find myself doing elannka snow park over and over and over etc.

  11. Idk if this game is still active or not, but how do I get a snowboard?

  12. This
    Is the best game for Android forever congragulations

  13. This game puts me in a peaceful place,Just bought the full version.Hopefully y’all add a Christmas theme🎄this year

  14. You guys should really release a soundtrack. It’s my favorite 🤩

  15. Greaaat game! 😁 Maybe add some new tricks soon? I know it's hard to find more moves with fingers but you could do it 😉 Waiting for real snow atm

  16. Can you do other tricks than rodeos, lincolns and flips on the mobile version?

  17. You should make new mountains based off of real ski resorts like keystone, vail, breckenridge.

  18. My favourite ideas for the Game
    3rd Person view
    creative” mode where you can create new maps or single challenges that could be uploaded and played by other player from all over the world
    new mountains based off of real ski resorts like keystone, vail, breckenridge
    i would love if you could bring it in

  19. The fact that this game is on mobile is mind blowing

  20. It's like bootleg Alto….. but not bootleg and way better.

  21. I love this game! It has the best graphics one downside is the camera the is not that great and it felt weird.

  22. I have never touched something that fast this looks âmazing im amazed holy downloading rnn

  23. まじでこのゲーム神なんよ。

  24. Aye is there a link to just the song by chance? It sounds cool and nice

  25. I don't play a lot of games on the phone and iPad because they are either boring or too stressful to me. This is one of the few games I found that is relaxing but also very entertaining. I can play it for hours without getting bored or stressed out. I also hardly ever spend money on a game, but it didn't take me long to buy the full version, and I haven't regretted it. Absolutely love it. Well done, game designers!!

  26. This is my favorite song of the whole game! I bet I am gonna get nostalgic if I ever play this game when I’m older

  27. 雪の質感といい、景色の美しさと言い、グラフィックが最高です。

  28. 😎👍🤩🥰😍💎🔸️🔸️🔸️

  29. Why doesn’t multiplayer via WiFi work for me both devices (iPads) have the full version I don’t have bad wifi either it’s 100mbps I have permission to everything in Game Center in in setting to the app I gave permission that the app can connect through wifi with friends idk what to do idk if it is my fault or the games fault???

  30. This is the best game for mobile ever. I love it. The physics be pretty on point. Beeen playing for over a year now and it ain’t gonna get old. I swear this game is perfect on mobile and nothing else. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK. And add more tricks

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