Golden Experience Requiem x Anubis Combo in Your Bizarre Adventure [2v2]

Golden Experience Requiem x Anubis Combo in Your Bizarre Adventure
Today we play YBA 2v2 with @TerraBlox

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  1. 2v2 action, dont forget to drop a LIKE if you enjoy the video. Prob going to be grinding for C-Moon Next

  2. Your boi eq is here to support as always

  3. for the ppl who got her for the first min, like this comment

  4. if ur gonna try to get mih after u get cmoon then a good stand for that is ger bc its good for sbr and it destroys bosses

  5. Aye I want to say things I watched your vid and got Anubis also I just got to this part in mojo keep up the work 👍🔥

  6. You should get ger cause ur might be the best in the game rn lol

  7. Use anubis with the pluck for true 2 sword wielder 👀

  8. Alternative title: Flexing shinnies on people in 2v2

  9. You probably aren't gonna see this, but hopefully you do.
    Tip for you.
    T is actually the move that does bleed to people, not x.
    Get a spec, i recommend hamon or boxing (maybe spin), i'm saying this because hamon has a move called "scarlet punch" its a move that guard breaks and cant be perfect block, boxing also has this same thing with a move called "Jaw Breaker", i recommend these because when you counter, dash to them with scarlet or jaw breaker you either get a free guard break or a free hit, if you guard break just use T(bleed move) then barrage or X.
    Barrages doesnt stack, so if you both try to use E on a person it won't work.
    If your enemy repeats a combo , predict it and get a open spot to counter.
    You pretty much know how to use afterimage so I don't need to say much there.
    Learn how to perfect block, try to learn from perfect blocking Made in heavens or Star platinum the world teleport moves.
    Another thing you can do is press e then a other move (Instantly), I do this alot with SPTW , I press e and make sure they have that small frame of stun cause of barrage then beatdown. Since you have anubis you can do E(press it,dont hold, make sure it hits them) + X
    Tips for your friend
    Use hamon with ger, Zoom punch and lazer at the same time+Barrage is basically free 40% dmg
    Your J move on GER cancels timestop,makes you immune to silver chariot requiem sleeping move if you use it at the same time they do it, it cancels Time erase from King crimson, and cancels D4C dimension hop. The J move also gives Iframes, so if you're getting barraged, use J+Zoom+Barrage
    Get max health and hamon for the defense buff+damage buff
    Predict your enemys combo so that you can counter them, when you counter do Lazer, zoom, barrage (its basically your combo)
    Your tree guard breaks, remember that, it can be very useful
    your lazer also guard breaks and cant be perfect block.

  10. glad to see you on this game i just got all the corps parts so ima get mih too

  11. Sorry for watching the video late beamaine I went to sleep really early

  12. I see the reason why my brother play Roblox
    Ok im installing Roblox to play that game

  13. Love the content but you have to start using specs. If you dont like specs just get boxing or hamon because of the defense and the damage buff but im just gonna say that if you dont use specs on most of the stands your gonna have a terrible time making combos with stands.

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