Giving to gankers what they deserve | The bait did not work | Albion Online solo PvP

2Santos Games
Albion online killing group of gankers #shortsfeed #albiononline #mmorpg #sandbox #albion


  1. man this part really went to hell in the end huh it’s so bad personally i would of just started another series he definitely should of abandoned that mission nothing is worth essentially losing the run

  2. this is the pinnacle of pvp camping losers vs an actual good player

  3. thats gotta to be the stupidest Gankers or something wrong

  4. You have some of the most fake and set up videos I've ever seen, this actually hurts to watch

  5. WTF ellos ni sabían a lo que estaban jugando

  6. Lol just when we thought things are done they hit us with the "round 2 baby girl"

  7. Когти а урон у них отчего постанова

  8. bro what ? They didn't even try to hit you

  9. What the fuck, they were just skill spamming and not even trying to hit you normally

  10. The amount of insults I would throw would be bannable

  11. Bancos más se fueron dando vueltas y no ataca😂😂😂

  12. que fue eso? los bichos te dejaron de pegar lanzaban habilidades lejos de ti, parecen retrasados

  13. See your nick name take a screenshot then run 😂

  14. Ganker in outside: why they so long, come to inside
    *Shttt run brooo

  15. That was a very good question.. What was that ? :)))

  16. Two friends were coming in the end, they came in shame

  17. Full video? I wanna see what happened after

  18. In the end, gankers said too "SH!T" hahahaha

  19. gosto do 2santos mais pra mim isso é fake os cara nem bate nele direito euein

  20. Nossa senhora, dois noobs. Nem eu que jogo a 1mes dou tanto miss click kkkk

  21. El brayhan😂 y el santi 😂, no entro el Kevin y la tifany por ahí.

  22. Pq o donate ta em português sendo que ele é não fala português

  23. these two ganker is so fking noob bro they just hanging around for no reason

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