Get Together: A Coop Adventure – Full Walkthrough

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It’s all about getting together:
A coop puzzle adventure in which you and a friend are thrown into an otherworldly experience with unsolved mysteries and forgotten stories.
Take part in the journey of a luckless explorer who got split into two beings, separated from one another. Much like them you play divided, each on your own device of choice.
Use communication as your main tool to explore similarities and differences between your worlds and cooperate to overcome whatever blocks your path to reunion.
The two of you:
This game is always played by two people, each on a separate device. All the puzzles are designed so that each player only has parts to the solution.

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  1. i don't get the second to last one with the 3 by 3 symbols and the 6 wind chimes? what's the logic behind it? the ones with 1 square go first, then the ones with 2 squares, then 3 squares but how determine which one of those with the same amount of squares goes first?

  2. this game costs .5 dollar a minute for this

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