Funniest Memes

Don Swan


  1. Bro, I be sitting in the roof to be like I’m sitting on this plane and sitting like that. Oh wait no just get four of your friends put them all in that one spot. Ask if you can all sit there and then you just be like oh OK can you turn on Internet or blah blah blah?

  2. Pls reply if u remember:
    Mumbo, is the moon big

  3. The dude with the turn signal made me have such a visceral reaction. Half the people in my city DON’T USE THEM.

    I absolutely hate bad/stupid drivers

  4. My dad got attacked by a goose once while on a phone call, the goose broke his phone.

  5. Hacker: I've got your password.
    Me about to hit them back with the "Who cares":

  6. Now we know that people with dementia would be grateful for hackers

  7. I feel like The last one wouldn’t be too bad if you’re with friends

  8. The football one looked painful af.
    Hope they are ok

  9. BMW driver discovering the "weird green light" 😂

  10. I can't be the only one how first time I see figured the cow and the horse were conjoid

  11. How is he a hero, by helping people avoid the law? Sounds criminal to me

  12. "I'd rather be put in a luggage hold than sit like this on a plane" 😭💀💀

  13. That cow looks like they're about to do something devious

  14. If you stayed in the carho hold the entire ride you would eventually die of frostbite

  15. Bro the soccer ball one has happened to me sooo many times..

  16. Near my house is the land of geese, the University of Waterloo. Everyone there has a goose story. Chinese food gets stolen, people get barricaded inside their buildings, fingers get nearly severed. It's the wild West out there.

  17. Where did that idea for the anglerfish costumes come from and how do I burn it down

  18. Mans got barriers for legs

  19. Cow looks more like it’s laughing than the laughing cow mascot.

  20. Okay if you're going to do the tower you should have just committed to making your house an actual castle.

  21. knowing BMW a turn signal could be a sign that the transmission is about to explode

  22. I love that all BMW around the world are all the same

  23. That IS the correct length of shorts for a man

  24. Rick amd morty morty bout to shove it up there

  25. That cows gonna do a lot more than laugh at the horse

  26. That angler fish makeup is so freaking cool 😮

  27. HAHA IVE HAD SOCCER BALL MARKS TOO BEFORE 🤣 it’s hilarious whenever I get em 💀

  28. Hacker:I've got your passwords.
    Me who already knows all them.

  29. That person who doesn't know what the green light is must be from Utah

  30. One time I was goalkeeping and got nailed in the chest by a ball, it hurt and left a small bruise, but I couldn’t help but laugh because it left a soccer ball print on dirt on my shirt. 💀💀

  31. The cops ahead thing is actually a cop checkpoint or a trick for cops to use, if you turn back when you see the sign then the cops have reasonable suspicion to arrest you.

  32. Those angler fish costumes were actually really cool

  33. I swear the guy in the hobbies one is either my 11th grade English teacher or related to him

  34. Rubber boots without socks really made me cringe

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