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On today’s video I look at Hilarious Memes for you all to enjoy and get a good laugh out of possibly.

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On the Krow channel I make YouTube Shorts going over Memes found across the Internet. All gameplay and voiceovers are produced and done by myself.


  1. The one about online friends so true. I'm 36 have a 32 year old friend we've chatted off and on 11 years. I can tell you nearly everything but the county he lives in and his name.

  2. Bro I hate overdraft fees like bruh I have money in my savings take some from there

  3. Tell them give me your favorite customers usual and I'll pay double

  4. I literally became a therapist on discord but still has fears of someone figuring out my country 儭

  5. Yeah I almost never agree with Nina turner (because she's an idiot that calls for raising the minimum wage 7 days a week especially if it's already been raised.) But in this case maybe she has a point… ya know what they say about broken clocks.

  6. Some customers think that we're a hive mind.

  7. Some of your internet friends can literally become your therapist but when you lose in the cod match theyll cuss you out 儭

  8. Shout out to Tanjirostan1, keep your head high big man. Hope life becomes good for you bro

  9. Taxes in America were in vented in the 1910s, the same president who caused segregation in America they separated us by race and skin color so they could tac us easier

  10. You know you go to place too often when all the employees know your usual order and remember your name.

  11. One time I went to place I had never eaten before and with the most confidence I said Ill have my usual the waiter said nervously Im sorry I dont know what you usually get I said I know Ive never been here before then I picked up the menu and started reading he looked mildly amused and walked off I still dont know why I did this

  12. iF i CoULd PrOvE tHaT I NeVeR tOuChEd My BaLlS

  13. I was playin among us once and this one kid was goin off about his dead dog

  14. The last one is a force of habit for real.

  15. Cats dont care about how much money you got because they are going to hate you either way

  16. Some dude i met on discord said he had cancer, the whole fucking server believed him, he didn't actually have cancer

  17. I dont know who the hell you are!
    Sam, nice to meet you friend. Ill have the tacos and a fountain drink. Whats your name?
    The Good Ending

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