Forza Horizon 4 – Frustrating Online Ranked Adventure Races!

If the first corner of the track is a 90 degree turn with walls, well be prepared to get surprise buttsecks! This is pretty much ranked race in a nutshell. Wall-riders, chaos and ramming. Luckily we still won this playlist 3-1.

Car used is the widebody Jaguar F-Type, sexy looking car. There will be a dedicated video for it so stay tuned! Just need to do the final tuning touches.

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0:21 – Glen Rannoch Hillside Sprint
3:39 – Lakehurst Forest Sprint

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  1. to the fucking shadow realm with all of you!"Super GT somewhere~

  2. When you just wanna race and everyone else is Shingo

  3. Me: is driving fast but normally

    That one kid who is about to go 300 kmh into a corner: im about to end this mans whole career

  4. I can't tell the amount of times I've been pushed into a wall and lost the race, because I'm driving a car the way it's supposed to be

  5. Querías encontrar un comentario en español ? Pues aquí estas😝

  6. Is that shinji ?takumi?on the big screen?

  7. After GO it’s every man for themself

  8. That bodykit on the jaguar F-type looks overdone. It's better off without the bodykit.

  9. I think FH4 is trying to say: its a game, so you don't have to drive safe, lol!

  10. Never played FH4 comp before, yet I'm infuriated just watching this

  11. Man i have to get this games, it looks so much fun.

  12. Shouldnt be any walls, on GTA V you can hit from behing and make the other to turn

  13. Read this in Clarkson’s voice for the max effect

    *sees a sharp corner*

    Oh dear.

  14. My teammate who rams people in an atomic punk 59' (OP)

    "You can't catch me!"
    "I'm in the zone!"

  15. People who must ram others, try to make other people miss checkpoints, and who must use an OP car to have any chance (especially if they do more than one of the above) then they are the epitome of "Nice driving" 😛

  16. Last place seems like the safest position to be in

  17. see I drive with a full wheel + shifter set up with sim settings cranked up and cockpit view…I can never compete with these idiots. Still I'm enjoying Forza the way I like to drive …also they will never beat real racers in games like Assetto or Dirt Rally 2.0 lol

  18. GTA online has better, more competitive racing than this.

  19. seems like a normal race to me, what do you mean frustrating… I think were all used to it

  20. 7:00 that huracan player was probably having an intense exchange of words with this tv

  21. You guys were streaming PvP in some really ugly ass cars.

  22. If you got them first 2 corners right then you probably wouldn't have sucked so bad m8

  23. What's the windows xp sound even supposed to mean in this? Nothing is happening.

  24. Shittt bad players playing so dirt wtf

  25. This game Is for kids everyone can smash into other cars without getting any damage what's the point if this game honestly I don't get it.

  26. It’s videos like these that make me happy that Gran Turismo Sport exists

  27. I have only played solo so far, and I think I will stay there lol.

  28. If you want the road all for yourself, play Trackmania instead. What I enjoyed about the video was the music you put in the video while making turns and the reason for it.


  30. once you bounce out of the lane and come in strong on the tirn it should help, they run into every wall

  31. Watching the first corner in the first race I am so grateful FH5 has high speed ghosting lol

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