Forza Horizon 3 Porsche 959 ONLINE Adventure – I SEE 1st PLACE!!! | SLAPTrain

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Forza Horizon 3 Porsche 959 ONLINE Adventure – I SEE 1st PLACE!!! | SLAPTrain

SLAP Train


  1. Slap I would appreciate a little more amarican muscle in your forza horizon videos.

  2. "I will leave that man down in the description box down below" Yea Right slap..

  3. Damn slap… total savage for making that poor civic eat a tree…. yikes!

  4. my heart just sunk to my stomach after that last race lol

  5. Honestly, the 959 is probably one of my favorite styled Porsches

  6. what happened with your head set you stopped mid sentence.

  7. Slap you just suck lmao you don't have any luck on these races

  8. Lmao a drifting civic? What? Does he have pan lids under his rear wheels or something? xDD

  9. A controller online? weak…. Thrustmaster all day all night. Feel like a really racing come find me.

  10. do the v8 hybrid swap with the 959, thing is a beast to drive!

  11. Can someone link the intro song (Full) can't find it :S

  12. Fun watch – just gained a new sub SLAP!

  13. been around the channel for over a year now, and he's still a buster
    some things never change

  14. Hey Slap! Did you know that you can swap the 959 engine to a 918 engine? ''All I have to do is to drive straight'' SLAP said 😂😂

  15. I looked at the thumbnail and thought it was a dodge or something… Looked a little flat.

  16. tired of seeing the Porsche what happen to the muscle cars

  17. Just watched this video it was amazing like always

  18. theres a new expansion guys it's an Hot wheels expansion there will be a new map look like with hot wheels track map.
    -new cars
    -It will come at may 9
    -it's 20$ now

  19. Who choked more Ar12 gaming or the slaptrain.

  20. Yooooo!!!! That's the 1 Year Anniversary livery for the 959 in Need For Speed World! O:

  21. "Were in 7th place now looking preeeeetty goood" * drops to eighth * " were now in eighth not looking to good anymore" 😂😂😂

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