Forza Horizon 3 Porsche 959 ONLINE Adventure – I SEE 1st PLACE!!! | SLAPTrain

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Forza Horizon 3 Porsche 959 ONLINE Adventure – I SEE 1st PLACE!!! | SLAPTrain

SLAP Train


  1. 21:49
    "The man slipped right through me…"
    -TheSLAPTrain 2k17

    Umm Slap.. my man… I didn't know you felt that way… 😖 but it's ok… 😂😂😂 u a legend keep up the good work!!

  2. this is the best day ever!!!! slap is using my design!!!

  3. For someone who plays this game 24/7 you can't take a turn for shit 😂

  4. I think I was actually more upset than SLAP was when he blew that last race

  5. DVD ROM is hacker guys he was fast at his car IF DVD ROM is in the event kick DVD ROM in the event kick DVD ROM

  6. yo slap ! player unknown battleground is much better than h1z1 !

  7. Slap be like "crash into a giant tree and totaled the car" "just a tap bro just a tap"

  8. daaamn, you almost make me got heart Attack when you lose the control

  9. I saw the car and had to watch the video!! I had that exact year one 959 in nfsw! miss that game soooo much!! spent hundreds on it! had most the cars.. WHYYY is it gone forever?!?! D':

  10. One day Slap is gonna finish first… one day

  11. I love that slap calls the guy a piece of sh*t for trying to take him out right after he does it to him

  12. Arcade garbage. Forza used to be pretty realistic, this is total shite.

  13. Hey slap plz tell me if u see me on online plz plz tell me I'm ten and I love ur videos there are the best my gamer tag is jackseptic and some numbers but plz love this so I know u saw it

  14. Slap ur either bad at forza or a tree magnet

  15. When he was racing past the train tracks I really wanted a train to come so he could use the super speed glitch (if it is still a thing…)

  16. Year 1 Need for Speed World Vinyls

    R.I.P. NFSW

  17. Okay am I the only person who noticed that the HE Dodge Challenger hellcat has a window glitch the tint only shows on one side of the car # Riptomypictures

  18. how did I know slap wasn't going to win

  19. that the beautifull desing of NFS world damn i miss that game

  20. wtf reading i think deeply crazy job%cool …

  21. are you the slaptrain or the choketrain? bro come on lol

  22. Hi.
    My auction house still lock and im 118level driver…What could be the problem? I hope you can help me.:)

  23. At 22:40 the words that came out of my mouth slap! Your a fucking idiot. Give up YouTube. But still love you! Keep the content going! Haha

  24. SLAP just no knock out guy with headset,just like that😂😂😂

  25. Help me get to legend painter by downloading, using and liking my designs. My gamertag is QuinnW01. Thanks✌🏼️

  26. That collab is coming. Maybe a race lesson by me for you and a drifting lesson by you for me!

  27. online sucks . Offline or single player games are FUCKING better. No matter what anyone wants to say or think!

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