FNF: Adventure Funktime

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FNF: Adventure Funktime is a solid Friday Night Funkin’ mod to face off against a group of Adventure Time characters including Finn, Flame Princess and Ice King.

Link to download:

0:00 Song 1: The Hero of Ooo
2:01 Song 2: Burning Low
3:51 Song 3: Frozen Madness


• Gally (Mod Builder / Publisher):
• Hogmoj (Director / Artist)
• Mathx (Artist / Animator)
• MG (Artist)
• Haishuh (Jaishu Roblox)
• J0shu4 (Musician Guy)


  1. Adventure Time is my favorite show and it's kinda weird because Finn had Edds vocals

  2. I figured out the problem gama for the indie cross mod the game needs a faster computer to load all the events sprites and chart maybe add like a chromebook setting to make it so it will load

  3. hero of the ooo, more like hero of the WELL
    Ha , got it ?
    cause finn sounds like edd
    edit : ganter , more like , MATTER
    cause ganter sound like matt

  4. Finn vocals are like Edd on Challnge-Edd.

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