Fighting the most TOXIC mk2 wannabe ever?!? [GTA Online]

In this video I fight one of the most toxic mk2 wannabes ever!

it all started when I joined his lobby, and I instantly recognized his name, as I met him before. He went godmode, but still lost back then, so I decided to attackhim, and see what he does. He instantly started ewo-ing, and using his mknoob, but that was still not enough to win!

I hope you enjoyed the video

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  1. Haha he says L. but your the one who's up on score that L. goes straight back to him haha man i want to destroy this kid lol

  2. This dude was so pathetic cause he was constantly using his broomstick and ewo 8 times in the video

  3. 1:28 yeah I steal vehicles and take bounties that’s what I had to work with back when I was a noob❤️😂

  4. 7:18 I hate when that shit happens my character does that stupid shit all the time 😂

  5. I just had an idea for jet take downs have 2 friends. Friend 1 uses nightshark as a distraction while the friend 2 Snipes at the jet

  6. Also I hate people that go passive mid fight. Here is a way to keep them out start up a VIP work trick them into killing you once and then they can't go passive because the will be part of the VIP work

  7. We finally saw the nightshark from George’s intro drive

  8. Your friend should make a modded outfit for you with ur color scheme

  9. That Laugh when you finally got him in the buzzard 😂

  10. It's so entertaining when griefers get clapped

  11. I wish i had your time and your motivation to upload everyday too lol

  12. Cmon Hype my guy how you did you not embarrass him 😭👌 don’t worry I’ll get revenge for you

  13. Who is this hype guy everyone is talking about?

  14. Bro u had like 3 chances to kek him bro. that would made him even more scared of u lol

  15. That buzzard mg kill in the beginning was f**king beautiful 😂

  16. They think there so cool with the mk2 noob there trash bro they need to recognize a good player when they see ya bro

  17. 9:15 he’s been doing the rp glitch, last time I saw him he was rank 200 😂😂

  18. this why i use explo rounds, and if anyone says you a noob just say the cannon is a explosive round minigun
    it shuts them up most of the time

  19. Georgking good job but I got question why you that amazing sniper but they not?

  20. Az ilyen wannabekkal utálnak harcolni a fair játékosok🤙

  21. Question how does your game look so nice on Xbox in a full lobby my game lags and my fps drop if a lobby has a higher amount of players

  22. @ 2:37 :
    When your friend doesn't have the same interests as you 😪
    But for real that happens to me with my friends all the time- I feel you homie lol. Also Ghillie is the sh*t. Love the vids, keep the 💯🔥 content coming Mr. Papa Giorgio

  23. Hey Georgeking u ever did a settings guide video before ? I hav no clue how the settings work

  24. Dear any tryhard. Anytime you get in a jet. Go to the orb. Go ghost. Use rcs. Ewo midight. Or use a MK2 (except upside down) your simply admitting your to scared to fight your opponent without a significant advantage. Change my mind.

  25. Lol hypenotickill pretend to kill griefers, but is a griefer himself. he attacked me when i was Flying around in a lazer, so i told him to fight at lsia and he lost, No skill at all on ground

  26. Complete decimation he only got cheap kills trash 🗑️ got figured out an now with all his crap tactics exposed he will get smacked. Phenomenal work with part 1

  27. I’d literally clap that mk 2 user up so hard

  28. Bro you telling on your vids to you not care about the game but you still texting ppl 1-0 how do you not care?

  29. Harley Quinn giggling awesome video glad see night shark

  30. Harley Quinn giggling lol there such trash

  31. Georg: How many times do you want to ewo and how trash do you wanna be at this game?

    HypeNoticKill and the others: Yes!

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