Feather Falling Is Now Useless in Minecraft | Mod is Cloud Boots by Tiviacz1337

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Mod is Cloud Boots by Tiviacz1337

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  1. But can you walk on powdered snow?

  2. Make the feather an upgrade for diamond or netherite

  3. but wouldn’t gold just make it… … HEAVIER

  4. Suii • 10.1billion views • 1 second ago says:

    Gold things makes a diamond boots?!

  5. I like to call it Hermes shoes or something.

  6. some say the golden feather can be consumed to fly for a short time

  7. Чел это мод 5-летней давности

  8. Good idea but it should be gold blocks with how overpowered it is

  9. When you fall so much you need more than feather falling 4

  10. The boots are kinda giving Hermes and I’m lovin it bro! 🤩

  11. Boutta get myself some feather falling on my anti-fall damage boots. It’ll be so useful.

  12. “Chicken farm” the boots cost 4 feathers. Hit the mines

  13. You forgot that you need to use the diamonds boots at the middle and then place the golden feathers bcyou literally using the diamond boots textures

  14. Maybe make the recipe harder like after making the boots you can't use them until you forge them with nether star
    And to make golden feather let's use two gold block and 1 elytra per feather

  15. feather falling: am i a joke to you?
    the fact that gold is heavy: what about feather boots made of normal feather instead of golden feather?

    me: but isn't it making People forget water bucket?

  16. 4 golden feather + 4 diamond feather =??

  17. it's cool but very unbalanced. to balace it i would make it so you need and enchanted golden apple + the golden feathers to make the boots

  18. Then what's the use of mlg and feather falling,

  19. You should make the golden feather 1 use and the golden feather boots not as strong as diamond armor to make it more balanced.

  20. "mom, can we get hermes boots?"
    "But we have hermes boots at home"
    Hermes boots at home

  21. Literally terraria gameplay. You take something good, and you make it better using other materials. Then you have the struggle of figuring out if you want this new thing over something else. In this case, these boots over netherite boots. Next he is going to put an elytra on a chestplate, then its terraria

  22. Adding gold to a feather would just it heavier

  23. 1. Have thing that can make chicken fly
    2. Make said thing heavier
    3. ???

  24. Bro it does the opposite because gold is very heavy

  25. No fall damage foe only 8 gold and 32 gold for diamond boots with speed and jump boost and enchantable… Too cheap but its coll ig

  26. Combining the lightest thing and the heaviest thing, totally makes sense

  27. But i already equipped the subscribe button

  28. Or you could have just used a slow falling potion

  29. Bro can you turn the cloud boots in to netharait yes or no?

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