Faery Tale Adventure II: Halls of the Dead (part 1/2) – gameplay

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Faery Tale Adventure II: Halls of the Dead (PC Game, 1997)
Published by Encore, Inc.
Developed by Dreamers Guild, The

Faery Tale Adventure II is the sequel to MicroIllusions’ classic RPG. The three brothers, introduced in the first game, have been teleported to a foreign country where they have to save the local people from evil powers spreading in the once peaceful lands. The graphics resemble those in Ultima VIII: Pagan and the gaming world is large.

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  1. I know I'm late for the party but this game reminds me of my beloved Ultima 7 a lot! U7 is better of course! :DPS: I nfact graphics and movement looks more like Ultima 8 but I'm not much of a fan of U8 so I'll just censor that thought. 😀

  2. This game is so aggressive. The music, the voices, the graphics, everything gets slapped in your face. The first chapter was way more cohesive and gentle on the ears. And the music was unforgettable, unlike this… utter cacophony.

  3. Как эта игра пошла на твоём компе? Оо

  4. @bloodyAries Мдеее… а реально хороший Dosbox Найти (где нужно делать всё не путём введения текста) оч трудно

  5. great game i installed that two days ago! still great fun!

  6. @konvicce I've been trying to get it again for ages! Could you tell me where you got it?

  7. thnx for uploading, i was a big fan of part 1 on the Genesis, and have just found out that they made a part 2!

  8. @bloodyAries Кстати на сайте Old-Games.ru есть вроде как CD версия этой игры… но почему-то через DOSBOX игра не запускается (Если не секрет то не знаешь в чём причина).

  9. @bloodyAries Хотя нет не стоит, нашёл ответ как)

  10. i cant get here a link for download this game(it is freeware to day)

  11. I went around and killed everyone that existed in this world to find out that they never re-spawned, I was unable to continue my quest as I was left alone in a lifeless world…..

  12. The sound the doors make give me nostalgia, that's the main thing I remember from this game, that door creak xD I use to just kill everyone in one of the main castles and take over it, use it to store all my stuff. Never actually did the quests.

  13. I used to have this game for pc back in the day and I loved it then I lost it and no one has ever heard of it when I ask..anyone know where to get it

  14. This music is horrible compared to the first Faery Tale … what happened?

  15. haha poor man goes 'you gotta help my wife and child, they're trapped and I'm wounded by the goblins' – man dies in front of you and first thing that you do is looting his dead body xD

  16. The most OP strategy in this game is to play Julian alone, and leave the other 2 dudes in the first town for the whole game.
    If he gets all the exp, he becomes pretty much invincible. The other guys just die all the time.

  17. Wow, this looks like Ultima 8. Never even knew this existed.

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