Facts I Bet You Did Not Know

Hello, and here’s some facts that I bet you did not even know about!

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  1. Beavers doing hell of a lot better than humans

  2. Wait why did there marks get less
    Oh wait…………….WTF.

  3. Auto correct if you subscribe you don't get smarter

  4. Person 1: heres a new fish
    Person 2: eats it
    Person 1: Help, glub glub slarpa slurp—
    Person 2: Slarpa slurpa it is

  5. I knew about the GPA doesn't matter when hired xD especially now for a lot of shortages. As long as you earn your degree for many STEM jobs, that's all you need. They just need to know you did it.

  6. "girls no longer receiving higher grades-"

  7. SONY is the brand my grandma and grandpa have

  8. takes 0.2 seconds to fall in
    takes 0.1 seconds to fall out

  9. When the beaver has more loyalty then most people 💀💀💀

  10. 𓂀 ~ 𝕕𝕦𝕔𝕜𝕦𝕤 𝕒𝕟𝕕 𝕒𝕤𝕙𝕪 :𝟛𝟛 ~ 𓂀 says:

    Demisexuals/romantics: Am I a joke to you?

  11. “0.2 seconds to fall in love”
    yeah i highly doubt that

  12. Every time you say that I am not going to like

  13. "Sarpa sulpa" probably the weirdest name ever given to a animal😭

  14. I was on an A-B honoroll before online classes..But I am a boy….

  15. I knew that sleeping without a pillow is even better.

  16. I knew that sleeping without a pillow is even better.

  17. I guess bewares are more loyal then most women I know

  18. "Attractive female students no longer earn higher grades"

    So that's why my grades are up

  19. Ik this sounds stupid but in kindergarten when I first saw this guy, I immediately liked him and kept liking him for 8 years until I eventually loved him

    He’s my bf now, we’ve been together for over a year <3

  20. Bro I've never slept with a pillow for some years when i was in my hostel
    I'm telling you everydat i woke up my back would be like in shambles

  21. Dan: aight guys so this fish gives you hallucinations and shit so don't eat it

    Youtubers: alright guys today were doin fact or cap to see if I will be able to–

  22. Me in kindergarten: Lemme subscribe so I can get smarter!

  23. And it might take a whole life to differentiate love and lust

  24. Bro, the Wii and the XBOX 360 destroyed the PS3 in sales

  25. Bro I would subscribe if you would stop telling me to💀

  26. Then when i give her the "stuffing"
    Then she wats more… 😏

  27. So that’s why you give villagers bread (in Minecraft)

  28. My intelligence has dramatically increased from using my mouse to click the subscribe button! How fascinating is that?

  29. "Sleeping without a pillow reduces back pain and keeps you spine stronger"
    Me, a psychopath that sleeps without a pillow every night: I'M STRONGER, I'M SMARTER, I'M BETTER

  30. Here in Philippines that fish only a snack for us

  31. So that’s where the “the way to woman’s heart is her stomach” comes from

  32. I fell in love with my crush literally at first sight ❤

  33. I'm a chronic back pain haver, absolutely not for me lol.

  34. “attractive female students no longer earned higher grades when online”

    me, who is afraid of being sexualized and grades plummeted during 2020: 😟

  35. The fact that beavers can be together for a life time the same can not be said about humans

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