EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Online Adventure ***Forza Horizon 4 Ranked Online***

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We go over Ranked Online Adventure in Forza Horizon 4. This is going to be a guid of everything you need to know to unlock your ranked play. So you can hit 100% on your Festival Playlist. Hope this helps unlock Ranked Adventure in Forza Horizon 4. This video is mainly for the people that aren’t sure how to get into the ranked league.

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  1. I don't know how to collect my rewards. When I click Y this message pops up about the series.

  2. Omg I am so dumb don't listen to what I just said

  3. You helped me and got straight to the point.

  4. so how does it work, cuz i won 2 games total of 340 points thane lose 1 game and lose 480 points, it sure makes sense?

  5. Freeroam Rush is absolute rubbish and every online race i enter is just full of cheats and rammers, what is the point of this game when you design shit like this I will not buy the franchise again.

  6. I absolutely hate this challenge👎….never going to play it

  7. if i get a grand master, with my team will i have this classification and receive the grand master prizes ???

  8. I use a MG B GT for S1 which may sound stupid but works out brilliantly if you can handle it.

  9. I'm a 79% and only have this shit left… it seems like it takes forever to get ranked.

  10. How to you get 80% on forzathon? I'm in winter and really want the McLaren F1. The points I'm is what I'm referring too.

  11. How do u know the total wins youre team have?? I played for 2 hours and was not even finnished…

  12. It could have been 1 race left or 20… dont have a clue!!!

  13. Everything you need to know to get up to speed on ONLINE ADVENTURE. Lighting, lighting, lighting, lighting

  14. Ok so how do you qualify do you do a single type of race or do you have to do all three

  15. This is Actually bullshit I played this dumb game for seven hours and got literally not a single reward but a Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Celica

  16. Hi I’m a year late, started playing this via game pass. So I just hit rank 3 in team games because I had to do that to unlock ranked play.

    So ur saying after my 10 ranked games it’ll qualify me and my online adventure will show up completed in gold like all the other events?

  17. It is not fun, that is the intent of games, not suffering through forza's garbage

  18. i need to do that to get 80% on the current playlist so i get the regalia?

  19. I cant like play them tho i did one and i went to do another and its all saying servers were down

  20. IT'S 10 NOW AHHHHHHHHHH 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡🤬😡😡🤬😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😠😡

  21. Thank you brother, this really helped me out

  22. Lol it’s series 28 now and this shit is so damn easy 😂 I only started playing in January I’m glad I didn’t play in 2018 so I’d go through this pain and the cars are so good as well

  23. So then is a pice of Shit. A have been trying but i got bored and quit i didn't received no points nothing and i was playing for more than 2 hrs. This is shitti. Thanks for the video and your time

  24. Why do you have to have Xbox live gold to do this

  25. I cant level up my online thing to level 4 Even if i drive like eleven online races. How do i level up to the level 4 online thing

  26. And if you suck at racing (such as I) well you're shit out of luck…

  27. If I go into online adventure is there a way I can get into x class races?

  28. I won a team racing match and it ranked me down a level…

  29. I just started this series, and I want to know, what happens to your rank when a new series comes? Does it reset? Or do you just do another race in the next series and keep your rank

  30. Nah man i didnt know where the tab was to start the thing lmafo its bin in my pause menu the whole time

  31. how do i set up a custom adventure and set the racing class and type?? ive been trying to figure this out forever

  32. yeah finally got it, thanks dude, this has had my head hurt for a while.

  33. why cant you select certain vehicles in a race like i have a list of shitty cars to race with when i have better ones in my garage

  34. I tried to do online adventure. Got 3 races in, and after the race completed just stared at the results screen for 10 minutes while the game did nothing before I finally said, F this, and reset the system. If they're going to force you to do online stuff, at least make it functional.

  35. Probably a dumb question but do you want a lower or higher score for your rank? Would a score of 1500 be better than 1700 for example. I’m confirmed how scoring is calculated too. Any answers you could provide are helpful.

  36. How many races in races in ranked do I need to do?

  37. The one thing I know..is if you play ranked their will be rammers, glitchers, and hardly anyone there lately. Those that talk about how they hate fh5 and returned to fh4 are fibbers. The lobbies tell the truth. It's hard to even do the trial sometimes in fh4 now. I t hink 4 is better still.

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