Entering The World of Final Fantasy Online (Part 2)

Joystick Junkie Leonhart
Hello, my name is Leonhart. My friends call me Leon, here to play video games and die in amazingly spetacular ways. If you have come to watch someone die over and over again, you have arrived! My dream is to become a full-time streamer. I enjoy talking to you all about video games, anime, movies, and just about any other topic that comes up. So please stay awhile and keep me company.

Come chat with me. I love to talk and hang out while playing video games. While your here, did you know that hitting that subscribe button is free? WHO KNEW… I’d greatly appeciate it if you would help support me by hitting that subscribe button. It would help me get closer to my goals. Also, it helps me know that you’re enjoying my content.

Thanks everyone for helping me reach 500 subscribes; the sky’s the limit. So if you like habging out with me, tell your friends.
P.s: I have a unlimited supply of cookies to give out.

Current Game: Final Fantasy Online


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