Elden Ring Review | A Near Perfect Open World Adventure!

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Fans of FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series have been eagerly anticipating their next game – the open world RPG Elden Ring. If you are one of those fans, you will LOVE this new adventure filled with breathtaking design, deep combat, and excellent boss battles. And if you’re not a fan of Dark Souls? Well, you’ll probably find the same reasons to not like Elden Ring. But we still think it’s worth checking out!

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00:00 Intro
01:47 What exactly is Elden Ring?
03:08 The good – thoughts for a Dark Souls fan
03:42 Great customization options
04:17 The role of magic in the game
04:57 Great bosses
05:27 Graphics and performance
06:08 The bad – what if you’re not a Dark Souls fan?
07:32 Half-baked crafting and horseback combat
08:22 Exploration is the best part of the game
09:24 Final thoughts



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  1. I didn’t really enjoy Dark Souls but Elden Ring is one of the best games I’ve ever played. So, I really do not agree with the comparison. The open world makes the game so, so different. As for the challenge, it’s challenging, but also very accessible. You can seriously break this game with not much effort and trivialize almost every boss. Not true with the other games. I don’t understand the comparison.

  2. After 80 hours, I've never had a wall I couldn't see or had a mob kill me by brushing past me.

  3. just me or did the hdr option not show up and it's just a lot more muted? great review btw can tell the effort put into the review. it DOES need a simple/effective chat log for key npcs though…(well technically everyones a key npc) because they pack so much into very few lines & not being able to see again or youre interrupted really sucks.

  4. Did not know you guys did video game reviews 🤔… 👍

  5. Not a pick up for me. With limited time with work and family and I like to spend my little time I have to play games to actually progress and have fun.

  6. Title: Open World Masterpiece! Score: 8

  7. Yes!!! Video Game reviews along with how it looks on top TVs. This is what we need.

  8. Very good review. It puts into perspective some of the things i hated from previous installments and competing games. But my interest is peaked!

  9. No no it’s not Masterpiece. This is a fraud media everywhere. Horizon/Ghost of Tsushima//God of War are so better ! Elden Ring graphics are dull

  10. Breath of Wild is boring, the towns have only a few folks who stand there and say only a few things, not a deep game, Souls games are not deep either, boring.

  11. This game is so boring forgettable characters not fun running around like an idiot dark souls 3 way better dont waste your money 😤

  12. and still you dont mention the stuttering problems. Bought from Fromsoft!

  13. this game sounds incredible and like an insane achievement, but i find the highly praised graphics and world design really really ugly! maybe its somehow part of the story/lore, but the main world looks like an incohesive, auto-generated jumble of assets, even though i know its not and the terrain is apparently very intentionally thought out to connect and restrict certain regions in clever ways. the character design is also amazing, but at the same time it all just looks like it was auto-populated with random crap and in that sense very generic and monolonous, like the limbo death realm in the recent loki series only in a really bad way, with a dull grey colour wash and over-sharpening, presumably to create some kind of artistic cohesion in an otherwise random jumble that doesn't have any environmental atmosphere or feel lived in at all, beyond a dreary, surreal chaos dreamstate. being called the 'in between' i can imagine that thats intentional, but it sadly it really just looks dull and ugly to me.

  14. Great review! I like how you told it from the perspectives of a Souls fan and a non-fan. Looks like a typical Souls game with its typical issues, but I am all for it. I look forward to your next game review!

  15. This game looks Strange man someone plz tell me is ot worth the money on ps people say it bad atm

  16. Great review! I want to see more content like this going forward!!!

  17. Wish reviewers would review games using average user specs, and not elite top of the line PCs …this game has a lot of issues on PC that might not be a big thing on Mega Bucks PCs, but are so obvious for the 97%+ users that don’t have maxed cpus, gpus, etc…

  18. Its just more the same simple gameplay. Dodge a thing, swing a sword, dodge a thing, swing a sword. It's all the same.

  19. The game is a broken mess. Watch YouTuber worth a buy he will give you a good review of it.

  20. I know you love looking at yourself, but your review should be almost completely showing the game, not your face.

  21. This review speaks to me as someone who is also wearing a black jacket covered in cat hair.

  22. Thank you for pointing out something that no other review mentions. A lot of times deaths feel cheap for the reasons you listed

  23. The World is "NOT" filled with Towns though. No Stormwinds, Populated cities.. WTF?

  24. I want to have Caleb play this and turn on the "Soap Opera" effect on his TV just to piss him off on "cool" color settings.

  25. Play for dozens of hours. Without seeing on City or Town..

  26. Not getting it. I play games for story not to get frustrated. The closest thing I’ve played is Jedi:fallen order which I found quite fun and difficulty was fair. Anything more difficult than that is not for me.

  27. I've never refunded a game so fast on Steam. It's insanely dull and confusing. A complete waste of time.

  28. how is the story? good or the usual dark souls cryptic?

  29. I really want to like this game, and I sorta do just from the old games. But man… the open world is dull and boring, massive areas filled with nothing. No loot, no Npcs, just a few monsters walking around. Combat is the same normal souls combat. Clunky to move around, with bigger weapons the enemy hit box turns into a pebble and you swing at nothing. Sadly this game was waaaaaaay over hyped for what it is.

  30. Will be watching Youtube cutscenes, coz I will not be able to finish difficult games. 😅

  31. In my opinion Elden Ring is a Masterpiece with its own Flaws. Extraodinary but not perfect.

  32. I see nothing here that hasn't been done before. It also looks washed out. It's basically boss fight after boss fight. You may as well play any other of a ton of games that are like this.

  33. Near perfect as in its unplayable for most on pc lmao. Bought review. Disgusting

  34. The game looks soo bad on my PS5 out of all next gen standard and expecting, Demons Souls for PS5 is far better looking, can't stand Elden Ring look especially buildings and it's repetitive textures as person from art school trained for viewing cant look at it 5-6 minutes, start it and must turn of that ugliest popular game I'm feeling cheated by uneducated YouTubers and reviewers which do not respect 2022 standards and our free time

  35. Great review Gio! look forward to more of them.

  36. You have a Hitler-stache built into your beard, my guy.

  37. As a soulsborne veteran who absolutely loves Elden Ring, I really love your review here.

  38. I play games for the escape and entertainment aspects. I go to work for money. I dont like games that require me to work, and charge me for it. For those reasons, I cant stand the "Souls" games. If I want hard work, I will just stay at work and get paid for it. I was hoping Elden Ring would be more like a Bethesda game. Too bad. I will avoid this one. Thanks.

  39. I cannot comprehend the amount of FACE time vs GAME time onscreen. Who in their right mind reviews a VIDEO game while almost nonstop looking at the camera? I want to see the gameplay not the host! Very bad review!

  40. Save your money, over rated rubbish. Playability is majorly lacking, movement sucks, abilities are very very minimal, all in all just pretty to look with no depth in gameplay. 2/10 for this WoW wannabee, was not worth the wait…

  41. I see soul series I buy. I enter the game I see open world I refund.

  42. Not a fan of these games. Never will be. I think they are goofy. More power to those who like to die over and over again.

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