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ELDEN RING (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) is the latest From Software game with new challenges and a vast open world. How is it? Let’s talk.
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  1. Thanks for the review, I was on the fence because it looked too much like dark souls. Now that I have seen the gameplay in action I love the subtle diffrences.

  2. Is it just me, or does this world seem like a bunch of empty scenery? Doesn't explain much to you as well

  3. The stuttering is UNBEARABLE on PC… Sekiro and Dark Souls 3 were flawless… WTF happened?!

  4. the moment you said "Dark Souls combat but with a jump button" had me sold.

  5. Sounds like the Witcher 3 world and RPG structure with Dark Soul’s fight mechanics.

  6. I’ve never enjoyed souls/borne games and am addicted to Elden Ring. I still haven’t even fought the first story boss, but I’m 10+ hours in and level 30 ish just off of side content. The exploration, dungeons, items, and interesting NPCs are expertly crafted. And they’ve woven in multiplayer beautifully in a way that genuinely enhances your solo experience.

  7. is it an offline RPG/hackandslash game??

  8. I could ride the game all day. Easily the game of the decade.

  9. Watching Before You Buy is a must before I buy any game. Period

  10. saw the game on steam.. hit ignore immediately.. no thank you

  11. Imagine this game but with the nemesis system from the middle earth games.

  12. The funny thing about souls games from a dev perspective is that every game improves what previous games put onto the table and I think that’s really fucking admirable, to make the last games so obsolete in terms of gameplay refinement that speaks volumes about how much a team cares about their games

  13. I'm obsessed. Listen, these games have a completely different feel to them that alot of people don't get. It's a lonely melancholy slow methodical game. Even though there are millions of players around you in elden ring, it still manages to make you feel utterly alone. But know friends are always just a summon away. Most npc's, people won't even do their quest lines because they randomly move around and don't tell you where or what to do. There are going to be so many different builds for pvp It's going to be crazy. The real fun for me starts after I master the game and start invading and parry baiting the host and gank squads and do a plethora of trolls and emotes lol. Just need to find out how to invade still! I'm taking my slow sweet time with this gem. 27 hrs in right now and I've not even completely explored limgrave. Only performance issues for me are, couldn't get online on Series S because some people had the wrong version on the game at launch, praise the ring 🙌 gesture keeps going in and out of inventory, dragon offering statue failed to load shop couple times, one failed to load after getting trapped by patches. Barley any noticeable pop in and some minor frame rate dips but nothing I would call lag. Now the PC version looked way lagg. People comparing it to the release of cyberpunk hyperbole for sure. It runs great so far 🤞

  14. plz stop listening to dipshits like this. so even the latest patch on at ryzen 5 5600x and a 3060rtx i still get frame drops and crashs and the controls are the still trash in 2022 why do we have to put up with crap controls and broken game they they plan to fix after they take your money ? if your a fanboy or a tier 3 sub or a simp they keep saying its a master piece.

  15. I wonder if anybody noticed that magic staff is op as hell 😀

  16. The only gaming channel I value. Thanks yall

  17. "…Full Stop!". Yup…..I'm stopping after that. FULL STOP!

  18. Never played a From Software game but I bought Elden Ring!

  19. I always come to these reviews before I make my final decision on if I should get a game or not. I’m not the biggest Souls fan & I’ve beat Bloodborne, but I think I’m gonna give this a try it looks really good

  20. 7:45 I spent 40 hours before even walking towards the first bosses direction. Between the sneak system, and new checkpoint statue system the game really encourages exploring and doing your own thing without fear of losing anything

  21. I've played Sekiro and hated it. So far I love this game since I find it a bit easier and the open world aspect is great. I may even play Demon's Souls or pick up Sekiro again.

  22. Look very real when you can roll and do backflips when wearing a plate mail armor.😅

  23. if you own an ultra wide monitor, the work arounds to actually be able to play the game are infuriating!! Elden Ring doesn't support ultra-wide resolutions!? what the h*ll!?!?!?

  24. I respect the game and i got high regards for FS and Miyazaki but ER just doesnt feel rihht for me because I can feel the clunkiness of combat mechanics from Dark souls.. Its just wrong.

  25. is there any dismemberment in elden ring?

  26. Dragon’s Dogma 2 needs to come out already

  27. You keep mentioning the game is "challenging". From the video, we can definitely say the combat nor any of the enemy units pose any challenge. Most of them appear to be 1-2 hit, and the bosses are as large as mountains, but slow and you appear to defeat them with ease, barely scratching your health-bar.

  28. before you buy this invest your money somewhere else where it's more well spent so you don't have the money to buy this

  29. No ultrawide support. Maybe they will implement it at some point

  30. These games are either impossible or no-damage cakewalk. I think they're all slightly overhyped and this looks very dull

  31. I ALWAYS go strength in all the darksouls n bloodborn 💀 if I could, I would. I’m definitely getting this tho. Incredibly informative n I don’t always say sum but this channel here… 💯 🤘🏽

  32. If you have never played dark souls would you recommend this game?

  33. I'm out. thanks for admitting to be a casual.

  34. For some reason, I only watch these videos after I buy them

  35. I have over 30 hours in this game already and I haven't even fought the big boss at Stormveil castle yet. That should tell you something about how much content there is here.

  36. Your content is awesome and I love your honesty with these reviews. This review with the game being released has been a great addition to 2022. I rolled with the samurai build and usually go with knights first go around. I’m looking forward to discovering more and more each time I play

  37. Would I not like this game I take it if I only like games that are super easy and effortless?

  38. The year is 2069 Jake is now an elderly grey hair old man reviewing elder scrolls 6

    Life is good again

  39. I've completed and mostly enjoyed the souls series and FromSoftware games in the past. But his game I'm in LOVE with. It's a great challenge and it satisfies my urge to explore

  40. I am getting this game with my Steam Deck in summer and am so excited that I am looking these reviews up now. I entered my Steam Deck phase again.

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