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Doctor Who Online
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  1. anyone knows where to download the game for someone outside the uk? without having to pay

  2. @dabyd666 you can't. you have to pay only UK get it free. BBC licence fee allows us that privilege.

  3. i really wont to get it but can some one tell me if you have to use the forward key because mine fell off 🙁

  4. @FreedomWolf353 You can use the w key to go forward, that's what I use. Or use 8 on the numpad keys.

  5. @DALEK86 We are to operate under the assumption that all of the old Daleks are to be purged. Any future Daleks encountered will look like these new Daleks. Or perhaps those few Daleks in that episode were the last few Daleks in existence at that time.

  6. @Sammiexful ..if u know the word torrent..u know the word police? torrent helps^^

  7. @whycantweBfirends You are stupid. Nobody is gonna arrest you for torrenting.

  8. @Dimdim316 you can get fined for it and if you do it enoufh you can get arrested

  9. they should have done this with the 10th doctor…

  10. i want to play with the tenth doctor..:////

  11. @XNacariusX
    well,I guess each one has his own tastes…

  12. if only there were weeping angels that would be AWSOME!

  13. @LazyNap They should have downloadable skins for all the doctors.

  14. And nobody cared because it's not david tennant.

  15. ten would have unleashed his epic fury and then curled in ball and cried himself to sleep.

  16. Unfortunately. He is a good actor though for entertainment.

  17. Nobody cared about what? The games were downloaded millions of times.

  18. I think he means the concept in general, as in, David Tennant not getting any video games, rather than this particular story needing David Tennant.

  19. 1963? Oh lets just go to the beggining now, shall we? Make a time paradox of yourself!

  20. The guy who said they should have done this with the 10th Doctor…

  21. 2010 –> the 11th doctor
    GET OVER IT, fuck …. too much love for 10th doctor , you know he would regenerate anyways , so why u hatin'

  22. Who's hating? I only said I would have preferred this with the 10th…

  23. yes but i never saw the 10th doctor after season 4 so get over it

  24. The fuck are you even talking about? There's nothing to get over with…I'm just stating a preference, not hating on something. Everyone is entitled to his own opinions. GET OVER IT.

  25. They should probably look into making one of these for every Doctor. Almost all the actors are still alive and perfectly capable of voicing their parts. I do love the old Doctors as well as the new and I think it'd be interesting.

  26. PEOPLE WHO WANTS TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME AND ARE NOT FROM UK: DOWNLOAD EXPATSHIELD. Then you can download this. Expatshield shields where you're from.

  27. The comment above is a comment made by the silence. Do not respond unless you want to see them in your living room.

  28. i thought these adventure games were really good considering they were free release in some countries. They were annoying to download here is Australia, but they were fun to play through.

  29. Lol xD this looks terrible.
    I still prefer the show than this. 😛

  30. atleast this video hasnt been filled with 2020 comments
    this game was my childhood man

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