Duck Life Adventure – Teaser Trailer

Wix Games
The next Duck Life game is almost here! This time there’s a huge world to explore, quests to complete and items to collect. Upgrade your duck’s 8 skills in mini games and compete in both races and battles to become the greatest duck adventurer of all time!

Out now! Get it here:

Coming soon on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One!


  1. I would be cool if you added npcs to walk around the map

  2. remember when in 2021 i first realized this entry to the series of nostalgia existsI LOVED DUCK LIFE, AND IT'S MY CHILDHOODMUSIC BOPSyou are my childhood, duck life!

  3. It's out already and still watching this, it's free on mobile and the duck life series are never gonna end.pu uoy evig annog reveN

  4. All duck life sound tracks are good I’m calling it

  5. So it’s like a combination of all of them right?

  6. Holy shit it will comes to nintendo switcj

  7. I remember back in my old computer lab, this game is and will always be a strong part of my history, I even made a whole tribute video to the series, and knowing that this game will be a console release along with PC and Mac really excites me, it's seem way more big of a game in general.

    Duck Life, Duck Life 2, Duck Life Evolution, and Duck Life 4… we're all games I adored, I haven't played those games in a long time but I've always remembered them greatly,

    this looks great. Thank you for all the good memories Wix Games!

  8. Bruh i just had this idea in form of: Duck Life Roleplay and this was made before it….

  9. That is amazing! I’ve been playing Duck Life since I was 7 🙂 But when will it come out?

  10. That one dislike is from…I don't know.

  11. hey wix flash is shutting down so

    you know what happens next

  12. 0:38 the reason the duck is covered in soot is because he got BLOWN away with how duck life has Gotten bigger and better in this video!🤣

  13. I AM SO Excited FOR THE NEW DUCK LIFE!😆😆😆😆😆

  14. Omg I havent played duck life in ages! Happy to see it's still alive!

  15. First Ducklife, Then A champion ship ducklife 2, then evolution, and then 4, now then treasure hunt? There ARE more! And then Space duck life 6, so then battle, and then ducklife 8 is… THAT?!?!?!?!?!

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