Duck Life Adventure – Teaser Trailer

Wix Games
The next Duck Life game is almost here! This time there’s a huge world to explore, quests to complete and items to collect. Upgrade your duck’s 8 skills in mini games and compete in both races and battles to become the greatest duck adventurer of all time!

Out now! Get it here:

Coming soon on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One!


  1. Okay I know this seems outta place for a video about Duck Life, but the Jumphobia versions of computers no longer have online servers for level created levels unlike the mobile and possibly steam versions, is there any way to fix the problem or Wix has to fix it.

  2. When it come out, is it free , i'm cant wait

  3. If this comes on Nintendo switch then I am screwed because I bought Duck Life: Battle

  4. Does it gonna cost money or free? Also when I was 7 I draw duck life adventure so much and also make them fight but now yay

  5. hell yeah, i don't care about doom eternal and all those other cool releases, this is what i'm wanting

  6. what is soon to you devs like bruh 2 months now

  7. Purple duck appear 4 times:start video,customise (first duck),travel everywhere:maze,desert,…..and appear at the end of the video

  8. Uhhhh wix game…?you only made game about duck life?

  9. Can you add all duck life for free pls I love your game and add duck life to 1000 pls all of duck life for free pls😀✌👌

  10. I cannot sure the character you created is a duck or a chicken

  11. I wish it come out right now,cause im bored

  12. Who disliked this im gonna PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE

  13. wow! another game? looks like im gonna have another animation on my channel

  14. when is this part coming out ('o')/ im waiting!

  15. AAAA They've evolved so much since the first Duck Life!! Can't wait!! :3

  16. Check out at steam it’s there but we can’t play it yet it wasn’t released

  17. I don’t usually comment on YouTube, but this game looks so cool. Can’t wait!

  18. won't forget how duck life 4 played a role in my life

  19. what makes you think you're tough enough?
    i played duck life
    yeah so?
    and beat it
    right this way sir

  20. We need duck life War where you are a duck in world war II and find guns to kill the others

  21. Do you remember duck life battle? Welp that was the last gam- wait…

  22. this had come out a few days before my birthday its on the 10th XD

  23. My best inspiration to be a duck

    And, If we can, ducks will king over the earth

  24. This is cool and all but when will you port all of the classics to consoles?

  25. The only duck life games I haven't completed yet are this one and duck life battle
    I bought duck life battle but there's a weird bug that doesn't let me battle anyone
    And when I played this game it just took way too long to progress, you could train for a really long time and only go up 3 levels

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