Duck Life Adventure Full Gameplay Walkthrough

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  1. bro that's a demo, please download full version

  2. so sad
    why his mother don't allowd him to be what ever his want ?
    plz reply

  3. ok on the site of goGy the duck life adventure is free? pls i want to know i loved this game

  4. Hey…. you can learn me how
    to get Gold coins

  5. Kiffy (my duck): Mother, i've decided to become a duck adventurer, just like Marco!
    Mom: N O you will become a Duck-tor!
    Kiffy: fine. I'll do it myself.

  6. Duck Life 1
    Duck Life 2
    Duck Life 3
    Duck Life 4
    Duck Life 5 – Treasure Hunt

  7. Fun fact: I started on the racing path.

    (Somehow, this comment has more replies than likes, and is the most replied comment i’ve gotten ever)
    (I hate to be stereotypical, sorry)

  8. Mom i want to become an adventurer!
    Mom: NO, BE A DOCTOR

  9. My character:Mom i wanna be an adventurer just like marco

    Mom:no you will be a duck-tor
    Me:whats the purpose of being a duck-tor

  10. How would one get the soldier armor? I almost beat the game but I am still confused

  11. Start: Me: Mom I Want To Be Like Papa Marco! MOM: No You're Going To Be A Duck-tor! During Game: Me: How Can I Finished Every Training From Ducktor To Adventure? Doris: You Can Foucs On Papa Marco BUT DO NOT FOCUS ON DUCK-TOR!
    Ending: Marco: Wow You Beat Me! Thanks For Help Me

  12. The Nintendo Live TV Channel, The DuckLife Channel says:

    I’m playing this game after I beat Duck Life Battle

  13. Mint (my duck):mama I wanna be an adventurer duck like marco

  14. When dory says someone's been eating to much pie.

    All our duck's thoughts:that was me

  15. When mother says no yo the adventurer job


  16. dollar store version of phase 200 [LWG] says:

    that isnt the full game

  17. 100% in 2hr YOUR EYES ARE RED NOW and different language

  18. U didn't even unlock flying swimming nor even the the Easiest Jumping

  19. I like it how in the thumbnail there’s the mother duck shouting ‘NO!’

  20. If you tap wen your about to hit you wil do more damege

  21. This is the demo not the real game!

  22. Why play gogy when android has full version

  23. Its Just My Phone That Freeze When I Open The Game 🙁 ?

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