DreamWorks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

DreamWorks Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1
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Where will Lucky’s treasure map lead you? Ride as Lucky on a wild new adventure with her faithful mustang, Spirit. You’ll have lots of fun with Lucky’s fearless best friends, Abigail and Pru, by your side. There’s a wide-open frontier to explore, full of exciting quests, animals, and items to collect. Navigate dangers, like villainous horse wrangler, Hendricks, who’s a little too interested in your treasure hunt. With Spirit growing stronger in your care, and the PALs riding together in style, you’ll become a true country girl.

Plattforms: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam, Xbox One


  1. I like the game but you are soooooo bad at riding spirit

  2. Does anyone know how to save this game progress?

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  5. I don’t like to trash on OG for doing their job but honestly… this game looks rather boring. Plus the game looks like it could easily be ported to the Nintendo Wii based on how the graphics look.

  6. You guys got this up fast. It literally released less than 2 hours ago.

  7. Only a few minutes in and I'm already disappointed. I'm at an age where I was too young to see the original back in 2002 but too old now to be part of DreamWorks' target demographic so I feel no attachment to Spirit, but if I was a kid I would be confused about why there isn't much voice acting. There's some, but I can imagine it would be a more immersive experience for a Spirit fan if it was fully voice-acted.

    Edit: Also, just barely 20 minutes in and already at 120 Gamerscore.

  8. This game is based on the new movie Spirit: Untamed which releases in theatres this Friday!

  9. It looks kinda boring :/ I wish you could just ride around free without having to read and do quests

  10. ROCKSTAR been really silent since this dropped.

  11. You really did them dirty with the thumbnail

  12. Looks great on PC, however it is a broken mess on the switch – please avoid at all costs. Awful graphics, shockingly bad framerate, and buggy.

  13. How do you save the game ? My daughter has to keep starting over and over

  14. I got this game on chrismas 2021 and its so good

  15. I’m more impressed the fact she can bareback ride at such a young age

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