Dr Mario’s Excellent Adventure (Super Mario 3D World)

Frank Howley
Time lord Doctor Mario sends two teens from the 90’s to 2013 to play Super Mario 3D World, but leaves one pal lost in time.

Written & directed by Frank Howley
Starring Frank Howley, Dan Christmas, Robert K. Smith, Matthew Bruce, Vince Howley, Josie Zuill, and Mark Moss.
VFX by Robert K. Smith

Nintendo sent me an early copy of Super Mario 3D World for me to make a video for. It’s super rad and available now on the Wii U, check it out!!!

If this video spreads around and gets enough views, there’s a chance my group could win a trip to Sundance from Nintendo. If you enjoyed, like and share it!

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  1. I saw it, watched it 5 years ago when I was little. and she's still very good. well, now I'm looking at it, I like that you would do a continuation like, they are demolishing 93, they will already get 2023, that would be cool.

  2. These guys make the wii u look like a good console 💀

  3. In this universe, Super Luigi World now exists.

  4. 2023 is here and Luigi does have a game

  5. Back in 2013: Super Luigi World would be predicted

    Now in 2023: Super Mario Bros Wonder

  6. I remember watching this when I was younger. It giving me memories of good times

  7. yo do a sequel but with mario wonder 10 years later, in the year 2023

  8. The wiiu would have sold well if this was an ad

  9. It’s 2024 and super Luigi world still hasn’t been released

  10. Bro, the video has more views than Wiiu consoles sold. 💀

  11. Who's watching this masterpiece in 2023?

  12. I remember watching this video on the Wii U gamepad and loving it so much. I’m glad to see that it still pretty much holds up today😊

  13. It’s been 10 years and we still don’t have a super Luigi world😢

  14. 4:18 Well… its 2023, sooooo… with that aside, this still gives me nostalgia when I didn't know about retro stuff.

  15. The wii u was such a failiure and that game went to the switch.

  16. 1993 super mario world
    2003 super mario world gba
    2013 super mario 3d world
    2023 super mario wonder

  17. Now the new latest Mario game is Super Mario Bros Wonder if came out today

  18. 9 years later….

    Super Mario Wonder has been released in 2023, is a vid coming (playing as luigi) in it?

  19. When I was younger I thought this was a Wii u and 3d world Ad

  20. What Doctor Luigi Means Is Go To 2024 To Play Luigi Mansion Dark Moon On Nintendo Switch Or 2023 To Play Super Mario Bros Wonder

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