Dora the Explorer™: Backpack Adventure (PC 2002) – Full Game HD Walkthrough – No Commentary

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Due to copyright claims, I had to remove the audio (“We Did It!” music) in the final part of this video.
Why am I playing a Dora game? Well some of these are very nostalgic to me and of course many others. Only a tough guy like me (HAHA) plays games like these in his twenties. Enjoy!

Dora the Explorer Games (PC) playlist:
Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet playlist:

Story: Backpack Adventure is the second PC game for Dora the Explorer and it takes children on a fun learning adventure, with the world’s littlest explorer! With Dora and her talking monkey Boots, even returning library books is an adventure. Work together with her friends to overcome obstacles — but watch for that Grumpy Old Troll and Swiper the thieving fox!

– This PC game is based on the episode, Backpack!.
– Unlike the episode, Dora’s parents did not appear in the game.
– Benny, Isa, Tico and the Chocolate Tree appeared in this PC game, unlike the actual episode.
– Dora and Boots’ sound like their Season 3 voices in this PC game.

Release Date – August 15, 2002
Genre – Point-and-Click, Adventure
Platforms – Windows, Mac
Publisher – Infogrames, Inc.
Developer – Stunt Puppy Entertainment, Inc.

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