Doctor Who: The Adventure Games – Tardis – Full Walkthrough Part 1/3 – HD

The full walkthrough for The Doctor Who Adventures: Tardis episodic game from the BBC. Running at 1680×1050 maxed out.

Running on:-
AMD Phenom II 940 3Ghz
Nvidia XFX GTX280 1Gb
3Gb Ram
Windows 7 64Bit


  1. You download this game off the bbc doctor who website

  2. Really, do you have a life of your own? I piss you off on one video so you stalk every comment I've made in the past month and leave a comment? Get a fucking life, really.

  3. "Take the corridor for about half a mile turn left then right, then right again and then it's you're third next right. Go past the weird swirly thing, left then you're other left. through the sun room. Careful not to trip over the sun lounger, then you'll see a green door, don't go in there. Go right, follow the wall until it gets a bit slimey, then take the lift to the third floor. Drawing room straight ahead can't miss it. Easy Peasy."

  4. is is awesome cuz u can just fuck around the Tardis instead of doing anything.

  5. i dont live in England so until i can buy it i downloaded the free trial of this. i have it downloaded and everything and when i click "play" nothing happens, it wont play. do i have to reinstall it? what can i do to get it to work?

  6. how did u record this?:) or somoene tell me

  7. When the doctor said all those instructions the TARDIS must of "Time for some fun since the doctors outside >:D"

  8. 8 17 I thought the doctor destroyed the staff. he also made a terrible joke when he broke it saying "you just cant get the staff." 😛

  9. How do I download doctor who game for android

  10. No wonder the Doctor never rly has a "Home" he has the TARDIS! Which is MUCH more then just a console room!! It literally has everything inside it that he could ever want or need or dream of! Sometimes he gets multiples of said room. No wonder his companions never complained! lol they had their own rooms, their own bathrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, libraries, labs, never ending food, endless amounts of clothes, and entertainment! You'd literally never get bored in the TARDIS! And that's not even considering it can travel through time and space and take them on amazing adventures! Sara Jane was right once you get a taste of that nothings the same again…. can't blame Captain Jack, or Sara Jane, or Donna, or Rose for not wanting anything else #teamtardis

  11. that isn't full because you play with the Doctor after Amy presses the button!!!!!


  12. The budget for this game most have been huge

  13. 6:40 That's the room where the Doctor left the Master's remains at the start of the TV movie. Awesome.

  14. The master's screwdriver and regeneration energy?

  15. How do I get the "Studied Hard" Drawing Room Facts achievement? I have clicked everything in there already!

    ~ TDG

  16. Love how Amy wears the same outfit in all these adventures apart from the last when Rory joins them. I feel that her appearance is often based off of how she looked in VOTD, don't know why though

  17. the theme and the tardis went in the wrong time

  18. 0:12 I think the doctor was referencing the Paris attack. I feelz bad 4 familiez who had friendz who died in attack. I hope I.S.I.S. of burnings in hell

  19. what software do you use to record the game?

  20. I used to have these then my dad did a factory reset on his pc all of my games including every adventure games story was lost and i went to download them and BBC stopped them being downloaded

  21. Hi can you please tell me if you get copyrighted with music on?

  22. I wish there is another amazing and fun doctor who game on steam ;-;
    btw RIP Doctor Who: Adv. Games and The Eternity Clock cuz they got removed from steam xd but I bought em a year ago!! >:3

  23. may I ask, are there any free to play Dr Who games? I don't wanna spend money on games besides PUBG, CSGO and R6S

  24. Of course you're going to say it's not your fault never really is wrong absolutely wrong who's the volume Rose go that was your fault throwing a temper tantrum that was your fault Staind It's not fair that was your fault lying to Rose that was your fault cheating on rose that was your fault believe me doctor I seen it and I know what you're up to trouble no one to Rose's mother slapped you in the face she probably already figured out as you would screw up well Doctor sonic screwdriver and go screw yourself deck that's what your Sonic Screwdriver looks like a male party a male body part

  25. At the beginning he referenced the nightmare fair and city of death

  26. If only she just needed to use the Wibbly Level

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