DnD Calm Fantasy Music for Adventure and Exploration | 3 Hour Mix for Dungeons & Dragons

Welcome to my 3-hour mix of original DnD Fantasy Music, ideal for any adventure or exploration scenario in Dungeons & Dragons. This mix features tracks that will create a magical and immersive atmosphere in your game. Similar to music from the Witcher, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, Adrian von Ziegler etc.

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Everrune makes nostalgic and contemporary game music covers and music for tabletop RPGs. My goal is to prolifically celebrate and breathe life into the world of cinematic music and be a part of fantasy, scifi and adventure fandom.


  1. I have listening to this track like a couple of times now, i always have this in repeat while gaming all nights long.
    Just love it, it's perfect gaming music. ^_^

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  3. Eu amo estas melodias…trazem nossa mistica natureza a vida, no toque sublime de nossa realidade acetica, com algumas nuances de tribulações a ultrapassarmos sempre, sem desistir!

  4. Add your favorite forest or light wind background sound effects while listening to this for true immersion.

  5. This music has some serious Baldurs gate 3 vibes, i love it

  6. Listened to this while: sleeping, playing mtg, working, having a break….fits anywhere 🙂

  7. Absolutely amazing playlist. So beautiful, calming and soothing. I listen to this while I'm shopping on eBay or Amazon, to help me me de-stress from the money I'm about to waste, lol. Great stuff! ❤💯🔥

  8. Awesome music man. I was really tired and decided to chill while listening to this. I've now spent over two hours listening to this while napping and its awesome.

  9. Wow, Oh wow. Powerful stuff to get lost in a game session to.

  10. I'm very disappointed
    that I can't give this video a few more thumbs-up.

    Every time YouTube starts autoplaying it, I'm like "oh, what's this?!"
    Fantastically evocative, and perfect tone and sentiment every time.

  11. For some reason I can't save this video to a playlist. Thats unfortunate.

  12. Great for both reading fantasy, lore & D&D prep. Love it!

  13. Отличная музыка для игр жанра фентези!

  14. I literally listen to this playlist all day. It's so entrancing.

  15. I played this in the background of my family Christmas meal. It was awesome. And opening the presents with my 4 year old. Epic. Thank you.

  16. To the person reading this, Good Luck! Don't stress, everything will be fine. No matter what difficulty you are facing right now, you can overcome it! You are strong and brave

  17. This music was very calming. Helps me breathe and to get lost in my thoughts peacefully…also perfect for when I'm gathering resources in games I play…truly beautiful, thank you.

  18. first choice when looking for music to accompany an online campaign for my single use, is very enjoyable thank you

  19. This is hands down the best ambient fantasy sounds mix. Perfect for game nights or relaxation

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  21. This helps with a lot of things, thank you for the mix!

  22. Very nice, marred by Mint mobile adverts every two minutes or so.

  23. Really nice vibe… until the ads show up periodically throughout the whole thing. it would be alright if they were just at the start and finish but having that as frequently as it has really ruins the experience.

  24. I'mma listen to this while playing Original Sin. Their battle music is good music, but I'm getting tired of hearing it.

  25. Would you allow other creators to use this for their content? 🙂

  26. Best wishes to everyone reading this. Whoever you are or where you are, I love you for what you've done and been through. Today is another beautiful day like any other, we work hard but in the end we will still find our joy. God bless you!

  27. What's your licensing for this if it were to be used in a stream I would obviously credit you

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