DIO VS Alucard (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure VS Hellsing) | DEATH BATTLE!

The greatest anime vampires face off to prove who is the mightiest bloodsucker of them all!

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  1. They really out did themselves with this animation and voice acting.

  2. one of the all time greats. Need more like this!!!

  3. Dio time stopes uses space ripper blood sucks him

  4. At least Dio didn't use the secret Joestar family technique

    "Running away"🚶‍♂️

  5. I just realize this and i want to ask out of curiousity
    Since Alucard was a girl during Ww2 does that make him the first transgender on Death Battle

  6. The fight was really good in terms of animation, but in no way would Alucard really lose. He would keep regenarating himself and striking against Dio over and over, until finally killing him. A Vampire cannot be killed by a goddamn punch ffs

  7. Correct me if I am wrong, but at the end of Hellsing isn’t Alucard omni-present… So like Schrödinger’s cat, Alucard is basically dead and alive. He is immortal, and he is also everywhere and anywhere at the sametime. At the end of Hellsing, Alucard infinitely exists for an infinite amount of time. So basically in simple words, Alucard is basically unkillable and immortal, he exists in an infinite number of timelines and has basically performed every type of timeline that could have happened but didn’t happen.

  8. The math definitely favors Dio in the short-term but there's no way Dio wouldn't mentally exhaust himself after the first hundred thousand kills. Realistically, Dio would eventually have to leg it either from boredom or exhaustion, and I feel that Alucard could totally find an opening in this mental exhaustion.
    Aside from this, I know that Silver Chariot cut Hanged Man in his light form and mathematically Za Warudo should be punching at light speed, but I feel that the math isn't supported by the canon. Especially considering that even though Za Warudo and Star's punchout made them levitate a bit, it didn't really affect the world around them. It's more bending the physics to suit the story. Therefore, no way Dio is so much faster and stronger than Alucard.
    Overall, I feel the fight would be way more weighted in Alucard's favor. I do agree that Dio could/would win every time they fought, but no way that Dio could kill Alucard in a single sitting, and Alucard would probably have a significant advantage over Dio despite that.

  9. If it was dio over heaven alucard could've asked him for the erase his vampire race

  10. You forgot one thing……….

    Plot Armor!🤦‍♂️

  11. This isn’t accurate at all lol they may sound like they now about these characters but there really just bias

  12. How does someone’s who’s already dead not see your stand or “spirit defender” you kinda goofed again guys. Dracula being an undead spirit as well should of seen the stand. It doesn’t mean he wins but yeah he would of seen it.

  13. Wait, isn’t it a major plot point that Dio has less access to his vampiric abilities after his L to JoJo the first?

    So he either has a stand, or vampire powers?

  14. Too bad, it ended when Alucard went on that Enthusiastic walk into to the JoJo verse.

  15. nahhh shut uppppp alucard vould violate dio

  16. you know this was cap. this was so much cap omg but very good animation and i liked the fight

  17. Ok, Who else kept making HUA jokes while watching this?

  18. 3:35 I like how they threw Sheer Heart Attack at Straizo along side the grenades.

  19. Thus was probably an almost unfair fight

  20. This isn't cannon idc, don't @ me alucard should've won.

  21. Yes. Kill Jotaro in his Death Battle and let DIO win his.


  22. Lol why the hell are alucard fanboys calling JoJo trash it's literally at least 3 times more popular

  23. this dio sounds more like Diego from steal ball run universe

  24. Haters arguing over fictionnal characters: weak
    People loving the fight don't care about who wins : CHAD

  25. Well you what the saying's says the only way to beat a stand user is only another stand user

  26. off topic questions: What happenes when two ppl hypotize each other at the EXACT SAME TIME (even though the possibilities of that happening are one in 200 million)

  27. dio can fly becose he grab his stand and his stand can fly

    thats how jotaro can fly too

  28. The one time where a jojo didn’t win

  29. Another point that I completely forgot is that you didn't even use Alucard at his cannon strongest but you did for Dio. Alucard after the 30 year soul cleanse, only kept one soul and therfore its powers, that being Schrödinger, you can even see that his eyes are the right color, so if you use DIO, who may be able to stop time for longer and longer, at no point will he ever be able to kill him as long as Alucard has a sense of self and wishes to be alive. Dio, despite his vampirism is still weak to the sunlight, and if we infer that he has the same weaknesses as a traditional hellsing vampire (as its never explored in JoJo's) then Alucards Silver Cross bullets would hurt him, not to mention that Alucard could engulf Dio and absorb his power, and since we know that Stand abiliies can be passed onto someone else should they take someone elses body, we could also extrapolate that he would take Dio's The World for himself.

  30. You thought Alucard was the strongest vampire, BUT IT WAS ME. DIO!

  31. There is no way a fake vampire like Dio can defeat Alucard, this death battle is non senses really undermined Alucard

  32. The fact that both me and DIO are Brit… I HAVE POWER!

  33. Imagine if it was Ultra lifeform Kars and not Dio..

  34. It’s funny how they did not even mention dio over heaven

  35. Alright now to do the real fight

    Sakuya vs dio

  36. No, Dio won because he deflected the emerald splash

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