DIO VS Alucard (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure VS Hellsing) | DEATH BATTLE!

The greatest anime vampires face off to prove who is the mightiest bloodsucker of them all!

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  1. He’ll let loose his dogs and all of hell will sing.
    I got legitimate chills from that line.
    Also, is that Takahada101 himself?

  2. Oh what! That’s not fair, Dio must’ve cheated!😡🤬👿

  3. So is this post schroedinger alucard? the one who cast aside his 3 million +souls which would have potentially been a fatal weakness depending on who he fought to become one with being everywhere and nowhere being infinite and instant being a part of time and space but also not…. How does that not trump time stop? Which is the only contending feat especially if we ignore the fact that alucard never used his max physical strength so we don't know what it is ….

  4. You guys need to take a look at your centimeters to feet conversions cuz theyre both wrong lol

  5. Faulty research for sure. At his hight of power Dio had no access to many of the abilities they gave him like his high pressure lazer. His time stop is still at limited intervals doing at most 10 seconds at a time and dios attitude has been his downfall every time. Alucard meanwhile yes is limited by his souls but between illusions,hypnotism,and his actual vampric abilities would still prevent dio from winning. Good job death battle like always ignore anything that actively counters your winner and assume things and call it fact. 👍

  6. I think a better match would've been alucard vs dante

  7. Not sure if anyone's said it, but Dio became Michael McDoesntexist

  8. giving enough time to kill someone 3 million times
    Dio doesnt have that kind of stamina… ever…
    and at the end Alucard himself said "hes alive and not" and "here and there"
    … wat?

  9. Man, I was rooting for Alucard but it does seem he was outmatched. The only area where he might have had an advantage is that he's shown that he can withstand sunlight, while Dio remains weak to it… but while he might have been able to stall the fight until sunrise it doesn't seem like he'd have a way to force Dio to stay in the sunlight.

  10. Abridged Alucard would whipe the floor with them both.

  11. I'm an absolute Alucard fanboy, but damn was this DB satisfying. Really well done and I can absolutely get behind your decisions.

  12. Dio brando would never beat alucard..he is the pure essence of evil power..

  13. after isaw this fight like 50 times, i guess alucard could win, there are other charackters who can deal vs timefreezers, alucards iteligence is way above dios, also alucard would consume the entire city before he would die. killing alucard is not that easy at all. and i talking about standart alucard, not scrödinger, dio would just loose to schrödinger alucard no matter what.

  14. Honestly wish alucard would’ve won but yeah no way I’ve never seen jojo but imma watch it now cause it looks like it has some good fights

  15. Just seen this for the first time and OH. MY. GOD. THIS IS AWESOME!!!! THIS IS LITERALLY THE KIND OF FIGHTS I WANT TO SEE! I'm shocked that I've never properly watched this channel properly before

  16. Jojos bizarre adventure characters are always op

  17. I like dio but dio in part three wasn’t able to use his laser vision or his ice using because he was more part human because of johnathan body

  18. They had to make Alucard use his Level Zero so they could force a JoJo win, without level zero, yeah Dio would have been dead.

  19. People here debating Dio could have done this and that to defeat crusaders
    But the fact is
    He could ended it all in the 4th episode of season 1

  20. Bro, I didnt know that Jolyne died…. I havent gotten that far……………………………………………………………

  21. [Verse 1]

    Memories broken

    The truth goes unspoken

    I’ve even forgotten my name

    I don’t know the season

    Or what is the reason

    I’m standing here holding my blade

    A desolate place

    Without any trace

    It’s only the cold wind I feel

    It’s me that I spite

    As I stand up and fight

    The only thing I know for real


    There will be blood-


    The man in the mirror nods his head

    The only one


    Will ride upon the dragon’s back

    Because the mountains don’t give back what they take

    Oh, no, there will be blood-


    It’s the only thing I’ve ever known

    [Verse 2]

    Losing my identity

    Wondering, have I gone insane?

    To find the truth in front of me

    I must climb this mountain range

    Looking downward from this deadly height

    And never realizing why I fight

  22. Question Dio can only use his freezing technic on hamon users and can't use his eye beam cause he can't control his body fully

  23. dio calls giorno on the phone and rtz alucard out of existence

  24. silver chariot is able to hit hanged man; moving at light speed. but dio is able to out speed silver chariot so dio is faster than light,

  25. Why does Alucard’s voice actor remind me of the one in Hellsing Abridged? Anyone else hearing this?

  26. Dio doesn't fly bc he's a vampire he flys bc of his stand

  27. As stated by fandom (LITERALLY COPY AND PASTED) After consuming Schrödinger accidentally and being lost within himself for 30 years, Alucard emerges with the Werekin's powers. He is both nowwhere and everywhere. As people saw that Schrödinger couldn’t die when shot in the head, the reason behind this is due people thinking of his existence that he able to escape death. Thanks to this Alucard is able to do this as well as being able to be in places where normally he could not do. So Alucard does in fact have Schrodinger's abilities, not sure if wiz and boomstick overlooked it, i loved the video but i dont think it was fully accurate for either alucard or gio. Honestly its kind of sad because of how much time and effort that is truely put into these videos. Since alucard has schrodingers abilities he literally could think he is stronger than gio and therefore would be stronger than gio, he could imagine yhat he has the ability to stop timw and therefore stop time, etc etc. There definitely is some bias but i think that its on both sides of the coin

  28. Feel like Dios limits of his body would get him killed pretty damn quickly. Unless he just time stopped and won straight away. Otherwise Alucard could turn him into mush and absorb his soul before he could even realise how to hill him.

  29. Worth mentioning that DIO is a vampire. Alucard would 100% know that DIO's weak to sunlight and be able to exploit it unlike what the card said.

  30. If they were both more informed it would just be a case if if dio could kill him 6 million times before daybreak.

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