DIO timestop (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Yak The Kuza
Game is Heritage For The Future, you can play it on retro games.cc or ps1fun.com


  1. Hola alguien me puede ayudar quiero jugar la versión de ps1 pero cuando el juego carga la pantalla se queda negra

  2. There was once a roblox asset that was the world but it could also become requiem and the requiem version had the sound assets from this game. And it was over powered as hell. Like press r and anything just dies instantly

  3. It’s not working it keeps refreshing je page when I use the PS1 version and the normal arcade version is Laggy As hell

  4. Play the game on mobile is kinda accurate damn good memories dawg

  5. Easier to do on a joystick than a d-pad -PSP port player

  6. MN como tu fais pra teu jogo roda liso no site?

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