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DEEP ROCK GALACTIC is a co-op-first sci-fi FPS featuring badass space Dwarves, 100% destructible environments, procedurally-generated caves, and endless hordes of alien monsters.

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  1. Do you guys stream here on YouTube or over on Twitch?

  2. Are we getting a bathroom soon I hope?
    My dwarf hates using the fungus bogs

  3. My ideas for new weapons prrimaries
    Gunner harpoon revolver
    Engineer sonic boom box
    Scout gyro jet triple burst rifle
    Driller power coil

  4. Damn, I hope your studio will become truly RICH! And DRG will become better and better. Rock'n'Stone!

  5. Gunner: "Stim-Pack"

    "In a continuous effort to improve dwarven survivability, R&D has provided the gunner with a deployable Stim Pack. When placed down, it creates a temporary field that notably hardens dwarven skin, improves jump height, and hastens reload capability or cools your heated weapons. It even occasionally repels bugs!"

    ~ Thrown grenade sticks to terrain. After 1.5 seconds, deploys a short-range field (gunner's smallest shield level) that lasts for 6 seconds.

    ~ The field only has a 1/4 chance of fearing a bug inside the area each second.

    ~ The field gives dwarves that pass through it 33% non-elemental damage resistance(this would include fall damage), 1.5x jump height, and halves reload speed or doubles heat shedding. These effects last for an additional 3 seconds after leaving the field.

    "Let's open a cooler!" "Stims here!" " Stim pack!" "Stim field! And I didn't fart in this one!"

    4 count

    Scout: "Glue-Grenade"

    "Given the proven effectiveness of the sludge pump. A far more… sanitary version is being provided to the scout. While perhaps not as effective at slowing enemy movements as the IFG, this version of the concoction we've discovered is exceedingly effective at weakening the armor of any bugs trudging through it."

    ~ Thrown grenade explodes after 2 seconds, leaving a spread of flammable white lighter green goo in an immediate area across terrain (Lobbing it high allowing a wider spread with potential gaps, not unlike a charged shot of sludge pump colliding in mid-air).

    ~ Slows at half the rate of IFG, but erodes away armor rapidly without dealing damage to the bugs.

    ~ Lasts 12 seconds.

    "I'ma Glue bomber!" "Stick it out!" "I love the smell of glue in the-wai-no you! " "What a sticky situation!" "

    4 count

    Driller: "Rad-max"
    "We're unsure how you got a hold of this, or why a massive rod of irradiated material hasn't managed to set off our alarms. Just get it off the rig."

    Tosses a green rod projectile similar to a flare that does intense rad damage in a medium area for 12 seconds (perhaps continues irradiating in a very very small radius indefinitely once spent). Need I say more? ~~Warcrimes?~~
    2 count

    Engineer: "Project Canopy"
    "Using rejected turret sensors and faulty-returning bolts, The engineer has managed to build an answer to mactera and Grunts swarming on the ceiling."

    Tossed like a normal grenade, but sticks to terrain to deploy and always aligns itself vertically. 1 second wind up before firing.
    Essentially unlimited range up to the ceiling. Limited firing arc (45-30 degrees?) Fires up to 9 bolts(3 per second) with high accuracy over 10 seconds before falling apart. Killing most grunts and unarmored mactera in a single shot but ignoring swarmers. A great one to drop on allies when dealing with leeches and grabbers without knowing where they are, or if your ally is next to a wall the enemy are likely to descend from.

    6 count

  6. if we were to get a new weapon, id want an assault rifle like a m16 for gunner, similar to how scout has the m1000 classic. it could go into a more mobile build while still being powerful enough to be a gunner weapon

  7. I have an idea of some more mobility oriented grenades, such as a short range teleport grenade for scout maybe? Another weapon idea is some sort of discus launcher for the driller, the discs themselves can do stuff too, like bounce around or split.

  8. Hm, maybe we'll see a new class? Like, add more variability with more weapons to each class is insanely good, but see a new role will be just magnifisent!

  9. Haven't gotten there yet in the stream (if it exists) but I see a lot of people dropping ideas for the classes in here so, I think the Gunner should have an LMG primary, like an M240B but dwarf edition. and also (this ones a little less feasible) a melee secondary for all dwarves. I would be very happy cleaving a grunt in half with a big ass sword or something.

  10. Tesla coil for driller
    Assault rifle for gunner with a mag and an underbarrel shotgun/grenade

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