Dendi got frustrated by this moves

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  1. Dendi best keep up with these shorts they intresting and funny to watch at the same time, keep the ideas coming up if you can i will watch them gladly!

  2. что вершит судьбу человечества? says:

    Давай давай давай давай

  3. Dendi and his team are washed out. Thats it. They cant keep up with the new kids on the block! Lols.

  4. Dendi have to courch me now iam so bad at dota it’s been a year i have been playing iam still now good

  5. Даня, ты бес) Бесподобный бес с бесовской улыбкой!))😂

  6. Я примерно так всю жизнь разговариваю

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