Dan The Man – Stage 10 | A New Adventure!

Halfbrick Studios

New story, new bad guys…. same legendary Dan!
👊Join Dan on this NEW ADVENTURE in the ongoing Dan The Man series!

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Written by StudioJoho
Animation by Octopie
Sound and Music by Dan Brumm


  1. Normally,Dan didn't realize that rebels were bad during the fırst stages.Luckily they left.stages are great💚💙

  2. ive been playing for 3years still dont know how the game goes.

  3. Okay…dan and man (unknown player) like fight 🙂

  4. This is why i hate Dan because he just beat random NPC

  5. can you make a custom story about me 1 – 90 the episode is 1 to 90 (my char is king's goon)

  6. there should be a console version since the story is arcade type, it would be great


  8. I swear, Dan the man looks like it deserves a huge update for this new adventure

  9. can you add that in the real game pls i like your game

  10. He asked me what era it is and I already know what weapons I want the MP5 and the vector to be

  11. 1:35 the fact that the king could not only survive a few punches from Dan. He just snaps back into happiness with no issue could foreshadow a lot

  12. Пожалуйста добавьте эти этапы в игру умоляю это очень круто

  13. Pls update the pls this game is for long not update and cool vid

  14. Мне кажется что 1 часть подойдёт сека мега драим 1995 🤔

  15. 1:33
    king cool with anything happening to him 😂

  16. I hope there no ads in that game, dtm just filled with ads

  17. O Dan tá agoniado querendo sair mas agora ele é o rei e tá batendo nos outros npc,s e eles parecem não se emportarem muito mas eu como jogador assim como o Dan (já que ele é um jogador) faria o mesmo ele como é um jogador tá procurando um jeito de sair dali batendo nos outros mas eu gosto do jogo meu personagem preferido é o Dan esse stg foi muito legal e divertido halfbrik e
    O stg 14 quando ele vai sair

  18. this game is literally isekai. and dan the man is the mc.

  19. Wizard:dies
    all of them:cheer cuz hes the worst

  20. español:
    en juego en si ta muy entretenido pero lo malo es esperar por cada nivel :/, pero eso si, ta bueno, mas bueno esta la batalla final
    The game itself is very entertaining, but the bad thing is waiting for each level:/, but yes, it's good, the final battle is better

  21. I like how he doesn’t care about anything much like love, money, power, resources, etc……… like a true legend would too. All he cares about is coins and the next level. I hope that Halfbrick never sells this game to any other company becuz I want the adventures and story of this true legend to go on basically forever man, the interesting lore can never end man, I really hope so.

  22. moral of the story: violence is never the answer, its a question and the answer is yes!

  23. Dan: beats the heck out of villagers and king
    Villagers and king: 😀

  24. ese dan , solo sabe golpear pero no sabe como usar sus botones

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