Comics Bob – Funny Caveman Adventure Game Levels 14 – 27 – Android Gameplay Walkthrough

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Comics Bob – Caveman Adventure All Levels Solutions – Android Gameplay Walkthrough

Comics Bob
By SayGames
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Dive into prehistoric time and join adventures of caveman Bob and his Girl. Do think their life was boring? Don’t get fooled! You’ll be expecting dangerous traps, hungry animals, huge tyrannosaur and of course beautiful romance story.
You will find yourself in a variety of situations. Can you break into museum?How are you going to get out of the hole in the ground? Will a sheep ruin your plans to go to the toilet?
Make right choice.
Find out Bob’s story by making the right decisions.

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  10. What even is this game… and how do I play it

  11. I felt like watching this cuz i felt like it was gonna be funni and cringe and it is lol

  12. I love how none of these things in the game r possible lol

  13. Thanks for posting this. Great work!

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