Choose your own Adventure in Minecraft! 360° POV – Interactive

Minecraft 360° POV Choose your own adventure edition! – Interactive

You can go on your own adventure in this minecraft video!

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Autumn Nights – Calm Cello by O.B

Music provided by



  1. Brings me back those sweet Minecraft Story Mode memories

  2. This video is more cool when you use vr headset

  3. Im the bing!😠(fight untill your last breath)

  4. Me putting it extremely close to my eyes to make it a VR headset:

  5. I dont get what was i supposed to do when the video ended. I guess two videos should've popped up depending on the decisions but that never happened.


  7. Uma merda de bosta que não presta horrível quem criou é um lixo igual o video

  8. I died every possible death
    Before winning
    I swear to god

  9. Bruh it's so laggy like I can't even watch

  10. It’s kinda like how mark did the “In space with markiplier”

  11. How do i add The Thumbnail videos on the screen At the end ?
    Yk it's kinda like the people that they do in thier outro videos

  12. really smart idea i would never think of this


  14. ᯄ (E₱ᴉc一w—straight—zussia—rus—anti cringe一69) says:

    Fun fact: i saw a creepypasta

  15. Me legit acting like a minecraft player would do:

  16. If it’s paused you can look around still,also how do you make it 360?I don’t know how 😅

  17. I don't have gyroscope controls on my phone 🙁

  18. Pick run or you die i or dont its your choice

  19. I got scared with the skeleton at the begining

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