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Choose Your Adventure
INTERACTIVE VIDEO SERIES. Turn annotations on. YOU control the actions (click the actions). Does not work in mobile (from what I have heard).

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  1. My students are going to play this and love it, you guys are awesome

  2. RIP annotations, I knew thee well :,,( :,,( :,,(

  3. What the heck is anotations where can I turn it on , on a iPad?

  4. Add links in the description for the choices and you can do it on your phone

  5. Annotations were retired in the beginning of 2018. Now kids, let this be a lesson

  6. rip annotations doesnt work anymore on this video

  7. you can add choices in the description like I'm doing with my 360 choose your own adventure that I also included a flickering light dream machine and more.

  8. Sorry man annotations are on. Didn't pop up for me.

  9. I must be on the wrong console this game doesn't work

  10. Thankfully I played this before it turned unplayable

  11. at first, whos dumb enough to leave a gun with someone you kidnapped XD

  12. Please put the links in the description since the original method broke, tysm!

  13. You could find the corresponding video on the channel

  14. If you like Choose Your Adventure, I've got an interactive family drama starting on my channel on Oct 20, 2020. Hey, something good has got to come out of 2020!

  15. (302) Plasma Phaser (Gun on the Left) | Series 1: Escape – YouTube
    (302) Fusion Blaster (Gun on the Right) | Series 1: Escape – YouTube

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