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Swimming Bird
Card Wars Kingdom – Adventure Time:

What time is it? Time to play the best game in the Land of Ooo, CARD WARS! Set in the world of Adventure Time, this mobile game download for iOS & Android lets you build a deck of algebraic monster cards, spells, buildings, & landscapes to battle characters from the show including Jake, Finn, Beemo, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, & tons more. Beating foes & using gems to unlock rare cards, you can power up your deck, floop your way to victory, & win as the cool guy. Let me know if you want to see us play the real life version of Card Wars, and thanks for watching guys!

Hey! I’m Adam (aka Swimming Bird), and I play games every day. I love you guys, and I read every comment! Please Rate and Subscribe:




Episode 24: Online PVP! Deck Wars Coming Soon – 9 Free Gems – New Code – Algebraic Gem Chest Cards
VS Lemongrab – Candy Kingdom & BMO – Beach
( New Cards: Throne of Doom [**** Spell], Mud Angel [*** Sandy Land], Bigfoot [*** Rainbow], Brief Power [***** Spell], New Hero – Gunter, Teleport [* Spell], Corn Parthenon [**** Building], Fluffapillar [* Nice Lands], Soft Eyeling [* Nice Lands], Witch Way [*** Spell], Earl [*** Rainbow] )

Minecraft Adventure Time Land of Ooo:

Adventure Time – Finn & Jake’s Epic Quest:

Minecraft – Labyrinth Adventure Server Challenge:

Kirby Triple Deluxe:

Kero Blaster – Gun Frog Adventure Action:

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Disney Magical World:

Minecraft – Zoo Keeper Challenge:

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Pokemon X and Y with Danielle:

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Pikmin 3:

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  1. I have this game on my android device i just finished the game

  2. Hey swimming bird can i battle with you and if I can take it easy ok :3 OH AND BTW YOURE EPIC 😀

  3. Play more Pokemon X and Y and also use Gunter he is awesome

  4. please update more.. i'm waiting for days please

  5. I'm already in Ice King's map but I reseted my tablet so now I'm in the Beach just like you 

  6. I all ready beat the gameXDXDXD

  7. I came here to get some help. I just bought the game and I download It. but when I started it up it will go to the screen here jake and fin are like looking at each other and the snail in the top left hand side is spinning I think that's the loading thing. after a while it will stop spinning and then music comes but then stops an then its crash anyone could help me that would be great

  8. Get the demon angel 20 damage lowers all attack in opponents lane by 5

  9. I opened a cool chest and got decetive bobby 🙂

  10. I wish i could play the game but neither my cellphone nor my tablet will hold a charge.

  11. if u fight me can u go easy on me only lv 3 I think Name (Dylan Coy)

  12. play as gunter!!! i am a kid just so u know

  13. The white ninja lookes. Like a ice cream ronoin

  14. @***** Could you please post the link for card wars it looks amazing. i tried to find it myself but couldn't find the correct link. 


  16. I was getting a lot of algebraic rare cards and I got magic man lol

  17. I have a question, when you battle versus another player, are you actually playing with that person or it's just playing in automatic mode?

  18. i have a legendary card named record tug its magic level are 3 damage is 12
    defense is 30/30 and i got it when im level 2!

  19. gggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnttttttthhhhheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr omg

  20. if Gutgrinder plays this all of his cards would be gold

  21. We need card wars on PC was well it seems like it would work.

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