Card Wars: Adventure Time – Finn Fries Marcy’s Daddy Episode 37 Gameplay Walkthrough Android iOS App

Card Wars Kingdom – Adventure Time:

What time is it? Time to play the best game in the Land of Ooo, CARD WARS! Set in the world of Adventure Time, this mobile game download for iOS & Android lets you build a deck of algebraic monster cards, spells, buildings, & landscapes to battle characters from the show including Jake, Finn, BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King, & tons more. Beating foes & using gems to unlock rare cards, you can power up your deck, floop your way to victory, & win as the cool guy. Let me know if you want to see us play the real life version of Card Wars, and thanks for watching guys!

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Episode 37: Finn Fries Marcy’s Daddy
Deck Wars PVP Update Online Tournament Black Card – Algebraic Gem Chest Cards
VS Hunson Abadeer – Marceline’s Cave
4 Star Sandylands Card – Fummy

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Ending song “Swimming Bird’s Theme” by Julian Cornell:


  1. Are you going to do the dweb and cool guy drinks like in the episode?

  2. Swimmybird I got a golden tree of the underneath Ian three star chest so I thought you would be interested in that so if you get a three star chest there's a small chance you might get it to

  3. Swimming bird please do more Trapped in the Twilight Forest Finn and Jake

  4. The cheese stands alone is also a magic the gathering card

  5. Yesterday I went from beginning the desert to finishing the dark forest, beware of magic man and pajama Finn, they were the toughest.

  6. Swimmingbird, just a tip, but you can place a creature on another creature and it will replace the other one. In the first battle you could have replaced the ninja with the sand knight and won.

  7. I think it was "The Farmer in the Dell"….
    Some weird song about men kidnapping wives

  8. The fummy looks like a egg raped in toilet paper

  9. You said that it wasnt very hard but you have a super overpowered deck because you got to open a ton of algebraic chests! My strongest card is like a Patchy the Pumpkin or something.

  10. You said that it wasnt very hard but you have a super overpowered deck because you got to open a ton of algebraic chests! My strongest card is like a Patchy the Pumpkin or something.

  11. no the second battle did anyone notice the background music was the same as the one jake played to get flame princess from that bottle? 

  12. more Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch please??

  13. do not no how you get gems and i need them

  14. Get sandy,he does 42 damage without flooping him

  15. Get sandy,he does 42 damage without flooping him

  16. Hey Adam!! I just wanted to know that I am subscribed from searching "card wars gameplay" I saw your channel and I figured out that u do Mario kart 8 and card wars so I was like, "why not subscribe to him, he is pretty cool!! 😊

  17. "But anyways, cheese" -Adam Holley, 2014

  18. I came 9th in the black card tournament god a gold good king wonderful sadly I don't use nice land cards that much

  19. Talking about cheese. I Got to take my head phones off for a second and they were talking about cheese, what sorry? 😛

  20. I want to know what people recommend me try in landscape terms I use two niceland 1 corn 1 useless swamp.

  21. I have legendary dr death, steak chop, and dark angel

  22. i got princess cookie!!! Her thing is +4 attack to all swamp creatures

  23. Who else thinks they should ad a game feature were you vs somone live and you have 1 min to play

  24. Can you please make some more of these minecraft adventure time videos my little brother really likes those I asked you a while back but you have not responded yet so and he doesn't really know about these videos so I'll try to get him on these videos to

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