Best Point and Click Adventure Games of the 2000’s (2010 – 2019)

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In this video we rank the best point and click adventure game from 2010 – 2019. All of the best 2000s Adventure Games are ranked here.
From the Titans that started it all, Sierra Online, LucasFilms / LucasArts to Revolution Software and their patented point and click adventure style of the late 80’s to the modern studios like Wadjet Eye Games. P&C Adventure Games like Games like Broken Sword 5, Gemini Rue, Black Mirror 3, Amnesia The Dark Descent, Thimbleweed Park, Kentucky Route Zero and more are represented on this list.

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  1. primordia, the dream machine, stasis, paradigm. these are my suggestions.

  2. I still need to play Amnesia the Dark Descent I own it on GOG

  3. I still need to play Black Mirror II, and III

  4. I have played the original Book of Unwritten Tales but still need to play the sequel and the spinoff

  5. Kentucky Route Zero is a game that I surprisingly don't own

  6. I own all of the Broken Sword games that have been released so far

  7. The music is way too loud in the mix, it really distracts from what you’re saying

  8. Thimbleweed Park is such a great game I hope they make a sequel or at least another game in a similar vein as it

  9. Great list! I should add The Darkside Detective and Caren and the Tangled Tentacles… I still haven't tried Technobabylon, word is its great! Also Ghost Pirate of Voojo Island, but that one is from 2009 😛

  10. Thimbleweed Park is the greatest point&click adventure game to come out since the good old days.
    Although I’m disappointed that Sam & Max season 3 didn’t get a mention.
    Shame you didn’t do the same “best one from each year (with honourable mentions)” format from all the previous instalments.

  11. I've nowhere near done the legwork to track down the decade's best, but all of these were very good and a little bit different.
    Puzzlebots – 2010 – Don't come for the story but the problem solving of controlling these little tiny robots with different abilities is fun and novel.
    Back to the Future – 2010 – OK, this isn't different really, but it's worth playing if you like the films (and gets my list up to 10 🙂
    Donna – Agent of Blood – 2012 – Freeware – I really loved this moody vampire (who dresses like Trinity) against neo-fascists story. A well-rounded adventure (if you don't mind reading) though the blood drinking mechanic can get a little tedious, it's still totally worth it.
    The Cat Lady – 2012 – A Horrific yet somewhat afirming afterlife story that will keep you guessing. Really existential, and dark!
    Botanicula – 2013 – From the guys who made Machinarium, it's so zany and cute and organic with outside the box puzzles.
    Blackwell Epiphany – 2014 – It's already been mentioned, but it kept getting better until the 5th ultimate conclusion hit a home run.
    Fran Bow – 2015 – Like a morbid Alice in Wonderland, play if you like not knowing what's real and reading deep in to everything. Solid design.
    Oxenfree – 2015 I've only been through once, but it seems like there's lots of replay value, 5 teens exploring a Haunted island with a radio, you figure out what happened and what your personal path will be making telltale like conversations that seem to have some consequence.
    Dropsy – 2016 – Good choice if you feel depressed. You play a deformed squishy man(?) who nearly no one likes, but who likes making others happy, and when you do you may hug them, with your hug icon! There's also 3 cute animal companions and the story is told entirely with non verbal indicators so it doesn't mater what language you speak, if any, so long as you can interpret a few symbols.
    Unavowed – 2018, Wadjet Eye's latest: Wizards, Djinn, Elementals, Demons, New York, Cops, Dementions, History, Mythology, Player Choice, Replayability, well written intimate stories, Oh yeah. If you like Urban fantasy this is a instant gem, and if you don't, there's a good chance you will afterwards.

  12. I agree with a lot of this but, why choose LiS: Before the Storm? The original Life Is Strange is easily the best in the series and one of the greatest games ever (IMHO etc etc).

  13. I need to check out this version of Broken Sword

  14. Awesome list. I couldn't agree more with the selection. I personally enjoyed Fran Bow greatly too. Thimbleweed Park admitedly is my favourite of the decade.

  15. I feel like the Blackwell series and/or Unavowed should have made this list

  16. Do you want us to hear what you are saying – or is that unimportant, since you tried to hide it under a piece of Star Wars muzak?

  17. Blackwell Epiphany really deserved to be on the list 🙂

  18. Amnesia is not a P&C, but we put it on the list because it was good. I do not follow and there are several P&C games mentioned in the comments who deserved that spot instead of a random game from a different genre.

  19. I'm sorry but … Amnesia The Dark Descent is not a Point and Click game. I adore this game, but I'm not sure where you got that idea 😛 It's a Survival Horror Adventure.

    Neither Life is Strange is. They're adventure games games, but not point and click. But still your list is interesting!

  20. this dude sounds like he was handed the script at random on a public square. great job if it were true. but you just come off as someone who has trouble reading.

  21. I feel like sanitarum shoulda made this list

  22. Just my opinion, but out of all the Wadjet Eye games to represent on this list, I'm surprised you went with Gemini Rue. Nothing wrong with that game, but I feel like Wadjet Eye's output has only gotten progressively better and better over the years. By the time you get to Shardlight or Technobabylon, it's a whole other league of quality — both in the storytelling, and the puzzle design. At least that is how I feel, anyway.

  23. HELP NEEDED: I'm looking for a point-and-click shooter from the late 90s or early 2000s.

    The screen was stagnant while mechs/robots popped in and out of cover in a warehouse/factory setting. Possibly an outdoor setting too. Your objective was to shoot all your enemies. There was cool background music, and three distinct levels. Sound design was good, robots made robotic sounds as they moved in and out of cover.

    Played it sometime between the years 2000 and 2008, though it might have been a game older than that. It was a point-and-click shooter (literally, your cursor was a crosshair). It was possibly a freeware game that came from that version of Windows (maybe 98 or 2000 or XP?), or some kind of freely downloaded game. I seem to remember it having a disk but maybe I'm wrong. The game only had three levels, had no story, and was quite threadbare apart from the whole "shoot the robots" aspect, so it probably wasn't an expensive game sold in stores.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  24. This list needs the Darkside Detective and the Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark. They were so good and are definitely underrated.

  25. Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth and King's Quest (2015)?

  26. You totally missed
    a) Ken Follets "pillars of the earth". Its mindblowing story that has a style similar to Umberto Eco"s novel, the name of the rose.
    b) A new beginning . Beautiful german p&c

  27. No The Inner World? Sad.
    It's goofy with a weird art style but the premise is fun and the characters are enjoyable.
    It's a very quiet game even for a point and click.

  28. It's hard to top Timbleweed. (Besides that ending)

  29. So he just failed already at the very first game: Amnesia is no point and click adventure. It is a first person, 3D Game. Wtf dude.

  30. B_O_U_T series was great.The Broken Swords all suck. Thimbleweed Park and Broken Age look okay. The rest of this list looks boring as all get out.

  31. Best ones i've played:
    1. Space Quest
    2. Bureau 13
    3. Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes
    4. Chinatown Detective Agency
    5. Shardlight
    6. Unavowed
    7. Technobabylon
    8. Day of the Tentacle
    9. Thimbleweed Park
    10. A Golden Wake

  32. Thimbleweed Park loved it. Wish they would do a another.
    One game from way back is Amiga's Cruise for a Corpse wish they would do a remake.

  33. I would like to see Dontnod have a go at pixel point n click in the life is strange universe just to see what happens.

  34. A change from the usual hack slash and shoot offerings!

  35. I agree with previous mentions of "Pillars of the Earth" as well as "Inner World" and "Inner World 2". I also never see anyone mention "Unforeseen Incidents", which is one of my all time favorite games for its playfulness and art-style.

  36. whisper of the machine is good one you have it even in android

  37. Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive … lifetime experience. i was crying.

  38. two of my favorite of the recent years are kathy rain and wispers of the machine, they are both gorgeous as hell.

  39. thimbleweed park is must play for P&C fans!

  40. The red ones go inside of the green ones; they get all twisted up if you insert them in the improper order.

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