Best PC & Mac Point-And-Click Adventure Games (2018)

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In the first episode of Adventure Gamer Reviews, we round-up the best new point and click adventures for PC and Mac. If story, exploration and puzzles are your thing, here’s our favourites from 2018.

Adventure games are still a popular genre, although not many fresh titles have been released for PC and Mac gamers this year. We’re still waiting on point and click launches such as The Last Crown: Blackenrock and Lorelai, but for now we’ve been entertained by the following games – our favourite adventures of 2018 so far.

Unavowed (from the brilliant Wadjet Eye Games) is our pick of the best adventure for PC and Mac. Supernatural shenanigans along the lines of Blackwell series, complete with a gripping plot and deep characters, won us over.

Unforeseen Incidents is another great point and click adventure, with unique visuals and a wry sense of humour.

Miazma or The Devil’s Stone may be a clunky title, but this Hungary-based FMV adventure is still very entertaining.

Stay is another unique indie game, mostly taking place inside of a chat window – yet the suspense builds nicely, and the puzzles are a welcome distraction.

And finally Paradigm, which admittedly came out on some platforms in 2017 – but I didn’t play it until 2018 and it deserves a place on some kind of ‘best of’ games list.

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  1. As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of an adventure game geek. I'll occasionally be posting round-ups of the best new ones, under this Adventure Gamer Reviews playlist. Let me know your own favourites and I'll try and include in a future best of round-up!

  2. Hi Chris could you pls reveiw the huawei y7 2018

  3. I have to say that, for me, Unforseen incident was amusing but the puzzles are not that challenging and some of them lack reasoning

  4. meeh I don't get the darker point&clicks myself. I personally enjoy a more colourful handdrawn disney-ish kind of artstyle along with some punchy humour and really hard puzzles. The closest I've found since the days of tentacle, MI LSL etc are the Daedalic releases like Edna&Harvey series and others like Darkestville castle, Ben ther Dan that, time gentlemen please, Annas quest and so on. Have any suggestions along that line?

  5. Unforseen Incidents was really good, nice to see it get some recognition.

  6. thanks for your video !
    I missed Miazma or The Devil's Stone ….

  7. Is itr just me or are PC games devolving into lousy graphics 1960s style figures and action? To me he best ever game was Muppet Treasure island with crystal clear graphics a fun story and excellent game play. I have never seen anything come close except maybe Carnvivors reborn. For example all the games listed in this video appear pure beginner junk.

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